Do you see other Manifestors talking about their energy cycles and wonder how the hell to determine yours?

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The Energy Cycle Tracker

What would it be like to fully trust yourself to have all the energy you need to initiate your Creative Urge because you are certain you are in your Creative Cycle?
Are you ready to stop questioning your Creative Urges and go for them?
Are you ready to start honouring your needs for rest?
Do you want the insight to plan out the weeks or months ahead for you?
The Manifestor Energy Cycle Tracker is just what you need! 
Learn how to allow your energy cycles to guide your days, so you can harness those times when your energy spikes before you initiate, and take time out when you need to rest.
It seems so simple that most of us question, ‘Is tracking my cycle really all it takes?’. Most of the time, yes. We can’t be in alignment with something that we aren’t fully aware of.
Get the shortcut from my years of trial and error trying to work out my energy cycles!

I had no guidance, no information and no tools. It took me years to work out when I needed rest and when I needed to create, and eventually I created a tracker for myself which changed my whole world.

Let me give you a headstart by providing the tracker I wish I’d had!
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The Manifestor Energy Cycle Tracker is for you if...

You keep filling up your schedule with things to do, then get angry at yourself (and everyone around you, right?)

You think you’ve identified when you’ve been in a Rest Cycle before, but what the hell do you do with that? You can’t just stop your whole life, right?

You think you might have been in a Rest Cycle for basically….

Did you feel a Creative Urge? You don’t even know...maybe it was just an idea, because even if it was an urge, you didn’t have the energy to follow it anyway

You are worried that if you don’t work out this whole energy cycle thing for yourself, you aren’t ever going to get anywhere.

You know you can’t be in alignment as a Manifestor without learning how to harness your Creative Urges to initiate amazing things

You’ve tried paying really close attention to your energy cycles before but you could never work out what you were really feeling. Rest or Creative, who the hell knows?

You want to bring structure to your energy cycles. By understanding how they are moving, you will allow yourself to bring the genius energy of your cycles to light.

You know you can unlock the power that being in connection with your energy cycles brings.

How does it work?

The Manifestor Energy Cycle Tracker provides you with:
  1. A simple daily diagram for identifying which part of the cycle you are in, including whether you are in transition
  2. Reflection questions to determine if you are working in alignment with or resistance to your cycle
  3. Support questions to look at your sleep, rest, food and physical body; all of which are factors that can get you confused about what cycle you are in!
  4. An in-depth audio teaching on Manifestor Energy Cycles so you can fully understand what you are tracking and why.
Print 365 copies of the tracker and make a daily journal for yourself or use the digital file on your own device! 
When you begin to see your own patterns of energy, epiphanies start flooding in. Why you feel tired so often. Why things are making you angry. Why you suddenly feel passionate about something. Why you want to change jobs or buy a new house or binge Netflix for 3 days straight. 
This isn’t just a generic list of journal reflection questions. This tracker is a teaching tool that provides you insight, clarity and growth.

 Digital Online via Kajabi
Price: $12.95 AUD (inc tax)
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Plus….this epic bonus!

Purchasing the Manifestor Money Moguls also gets you an exclusive invitation to The Manifestor Network Facebook group.
This group is unlike any other Facebook group you have ever been in. It’s a supportive, genuine, teaching Facebook group just for Manifestors who want real community because Manifestors don’t need another spammy group! Plus, you’ll get to use the #moneymoguls in so that Holly answer all your questions.


Price: $12.95AUD (inc tax)

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