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Informed - PDF Book

This is the book that Manifestors have been waiting for.

Stumbling into the study of Human Design is like discovering a box full of permission slips. All the quirks you thought made you unlovable or left out from the crowd are actually how you are wired. The deepest desires of your heart about how you want to live aren’t selfish or abnormal, they are the very longings that you designed yourself to have.

When you discover that you are a Manifestor, a whole world opens up to you. “This explains so much!!” you think, and it seems like Human Design is your ticket to self-knowledge and success.

But it isn’t always easy to piece together.

Human Design is a tool that gives us profound access to uncovering the truth of ourselves, but for most Manifestors its traditional teachings have struggled to truly capture and explain the Manifestor to the Manifestor. We know we are different, we know we don’t operate the same as everyone else, and we need our own special language and teachings on how to navigate that.

As the first and only book in the world specifically for Manifestors (and written by a Manifestor), Informed is everything you need to know about being a Manifestor and living in alignment with your energy.

Informed brings together hundreds of Creative Urges and teaching programs into one single resource, culminating in an experience that every Manifestor can get their hands on. This is for the Manifestors, and for those who love a Manifestor, raise a Manifestor or coach a Manifestor.

Manifestors do life uniquely. All you need is the roadmap to walking that journey in the way you were always designed to.

The roadmap is now in your hands.