The Manifestor Mastermind

The Manifestor Mastermind - 4 months of in depth learning, mentoring and energetic impact for Manifestors seeking a powerful shift in their business and money experience.

Everything you need to know and none of the extra fluff.....

This will be an intimate Q&A, energy work and guidance mastermind.  I will know your Human Design + Gene Keys chart in detail, and will meet you in your journey as a unique Manifestor (we're all different!) to guide you into full alignment.

We will meet on Zoom 3 weeks out of every month (calls are recorded for you to watch replays). Week 4 is an integration week. You will have full Voxer access to me for support Monday to Saturdays. Real time mentoring. You also get free access to ALL my work, except MMC and in-person events.

It will not be structured content each week. It will be high level energetic and strategic work. You present with where you are at each week, showing up to share where you are struggling in your business. I will meet you there and guide you to the next level with a unique teaching for YOUR specific energy. 

It is not a one size fits all approach. You will witness the other mastermind members grow + scale in their individual energy, and you will do the same. You will form a deep, intimate community of souls who are energetically catalysing each other forward.

It is magical.


Join the Manifestor Mastermind

Let me guide you through honouring your urges to scale new levels of wealth and income.

Why me and why now?

I am a:
  • Trauma informed Life & Success Coach (doing Somatic and neurological trauma work)
  • Breathwork, EFT and meditation practitioner (I have many tools to work with you energetically)
  • Clinical hypnotherapist (for neural reprogramming)
  • Certified Human Design and Gene Keys teacher (the HD system, HD for business and HD for Quantum Manifestation)
  • Have 14 years experience across 3 x 6-7 figure businesses. I know business in depth in a way that very few people do
Over the last year of my online business, I have successfully quadrupled our income (now into multiple 6 figures), tripled my team size, doubled my audience, sold out 15 profitable launches, cleared my own trauma and allowed my husband to quit his 6 figure corporate career.

I have been very hesitant to share my energy in a mentoring capacity because I give so much when I undertake this role. But now feels like the right time. There is a shift ahead for Manifestors.

I am ready to guide you in this way.
You can break through into wealth.
Let me show you what I have learned. 

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