You’re a Manifestor, but you were never actually meant to grow alone, and now it’s time to change that. 

Introducing our brand new available products!

You’re a Manifestor, but you were never actually meant to grow alone, and now it’s time to change that. 

Introducing our brand new available products!

Are you a Manifestor?

Ok, so you ran your chart and discovered you are a Manifestor. Now what? You have landed in exactly the right place. Manifestors are powerful beings who are uniquely designed to make an impact in a huge way. But of course, we do it a little differently to everyone else. Let our community of specialized Manifestor teachers show you a thing or two about getting into alignment Manifestor style!

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Hunting For Purpose Podcast

This is the only podcast in existence that is exclusively for Manifestors (Human Design)! Tune into the episodes to unpack the complexities, hacks, deep truths, wounds and laughs that is the Manifestor experience. If you have been looking for a genuine, in depth resource on becoming aligned as a Manifestor in real life, this podcast is for you!

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Ready to learn more about your Manifestor design?

Understand your energy, your power and your abilities as a Manifestor. Whatever stage you are at in your journey, we have you covered.

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Select from one of our in-house certified Human Design Readers. Chart readings by Manifestors and for Manifestors!



Learn about your energy cycles, your Creative Urges, your decision making and a whole heap more. These bite-sized classes are designed to pack a punch!

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Business Bundle

Get all the insight about how to run a successful business as a Manifestor beyond the textbook. This teaching is from a successful Manifestor business owner and will rock your entrepreneurial world!

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What is the manifestor community?

It is exactly what you think it is! This is the only official online community exclusively for Manifestors. We aren’t about repeating what every other Human Design account is saying. This isn’t the same regurgitated teaching about how you need to inform before you initiate. The Manifestor Community is a place where:

  • Manifestors are seen and heard (perhaps for the first time)
  • You can contribute your Manifestor voice (with no judgment)
  • You get taught every honest thing that a Manifestor really needs to know to tap into their distinctive power (we talk way outside the box)
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Best of the blog

Are you more of a reader than a listener? We feel you. We have a whole series of blog posts that teach you all about your Manifestor self without any of the fluff.

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Manifestors in Business


Ready to make it as a Manifestor in business? This comprehensive guide for getting aligned as a Manifestor in business will get you moving in exactly the right direction. 

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