Manifestors and Social Media: Do They Mix?

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Hello there, Manifestor!


I bet if you clicked on this blog post, you’re having some questions, some ponderings, some desires and likely some resistance around social media! You’re not alone, but I’ll go ahead and start by saying that Manifestors and social media DO mix, there are just some important considerations to take into account! While I’ve never felt like a social media “expert” I have managed to grow my social media account to over 10k followers and have learned a thing or two about how to do that as a Manifestor. Before you think about social media growth, however, there are a few considerations when it comes to social media. 

The Challenges of Social Media for Manifestors


While it seems like everyone has some kind of beef with social media, whether they are annoyed by it, get way too easily sucked into it, or feel weird about using it to promote themselves as a business owner, there are some particular challenges that relate to being a Manifestor on social media. You may relate to all of them, or just one or two. Let’s dive into what they are.



  • Self-Doubt



The first challenge for Manifestors and social media comes in the form of self-doubt. As you likely know, Manifestors are here to go first. We head out in new directions, start trends, and are designed to have others respond to US (and usually they are either inspired, indifferent or actually repelled by what we share!). In a sea of sameness on social media, and a lot of unspoken “rules” about what you’re supposed to post on each platform, it can get easy to let self-doubt take over. You might be afraid of being judged for using social media in a different way than others, in talking about things that are edgy and might invite pushback, or simply not being accepted for who you are. 


While it’s true that many people struggle with this, it can be worse for Manifestors for three reasons. One, because trailblazers ARE often misunderstood or judged at first and we can feel the intense likelihood of that happening even before we do what we’re going to do. Two, because there are no examples of anyone doing exactly what you want to do! (“How do I know that it’s going to work? That I’m not wasting my time? That it’s going to be successful?” The truth is, you don’t!) And three, because Manifestors can often be shut down as kids for being too bold, too independent, too loud, or too disrespectful of authority. If you have any repression of your power that started in childhood or adolescence) that has the potential to make you doubt what you want to say and how you want to say it on social media. 



  • Not Knowing When Enough is Enough



Another issue Manifestors can have with social media is not knowing when enough is enough. This happens more on the consumer side than the creator side, but it’s important for creators to be aware of too! When you’re getting dopamine hit after dopamine hit on Instagram or TikTok, that’s also compounded by your undefined sacral center.


Usually, we hear about the undefined sacral pattern of “not knowing when enough is enough” when it comes to working too much, but this can also show up in taking in way too much information. You might start going online for a laugh, or to get inspired, but then you can’t put the phone down and all the input has zapped your connection to yourself and what wants to be created through you (ie: your ability to bring forth a Creative Urge). Additionally, the more of other people’s content you take in, the more likely you are to compare yourself to them (their Generator energy levels, their sparkliness, whatever is a trigger for you!) and kick start that cycle of doubt. It isn’t easy to find the right balance with social media, so it’s definitely something to be aware of as a Manifestor.


  • Having to Be Responsive



This last one is something I’ve dealt with in my business a lot (I even recorded a podcast episode about it here to share what I’ve tried)! A lot of social media is built around engagement, which essentially means responding to others, or responding to people that have responded to you! Whether this is in the form of comments or DMs, it can be tricky for a Manifestor to navigate since we weren’t built to be responsive. I find that with our large and quite engaged community, I can manage my own social media DMs for a few months at a time. After that, I start getting angry and resentful, which lets me know that something needs to change. 


Whether you’re just a “person” on social media, or acting as part of a deliberate “brand” via your business, it can feel good (and be quite strategic) to be interacting with your friends, community and audience. You can meet wonderful friends online, develop future business relationships, and of course share your products or services and make money through social media, but at some point for Manifestors, it usually starts becoming a chore rather than a place for genuine connection. You may have to hire staff, set and share your social media boundaries, or simply take breaks from time to time to manage this. 

So, Does All This Mean Social Media and Manifestors Don’t Mix?


As I said in the intro, social media and Manifestors absolutely DO mix, despite the challenges I listed above. Let’s look at these “cons” from the perspective of an empowered Manifestor.


An empowered Manifestor has an urge to create a type of content on social media. They’re ready to use their voice powerfully and make an impact. Instead of searching for examples of other people doing that successfully, they sit with themselves and tune into their vision of what they really want to create. They jump in, experiment and share this content. Not everyone likes it and not everyone is even paying attention, but they do notice that the kind of people they most want to impact or connect with are liking it or leaving comments. They notice they’ve gotten some unfollows too but don’t make it mean anything. “They were ready to leave. It’s all good,” they think. 


They continue creating in alignment with this Urge and notice that more aligned people are starting to connect with the content. So much so that they start getting a lot of comments and DMs they need to reply to. At first, it’s exciting, but after a few weeks, it starts to drag on them. They decide to inform their audience that they love their support, but can’t answer questions or have full conversations in their DMs. “Thanks for understanding!” They program a few saved replies they can use when someone isn’t aware or ignores their boundary that are firm, yet friendly. They feel like they have space again and engage when they want to engage, and to their audience it feels like a fun bonus rather than an expectation! 


Prior to even receiving this urge, they noticed that scrolling first thing in the morning was not helping their creativity or their confidence, so they started keeping their phone out of their bedroom, which had the added bonus of less scrolling at night too! They found inspiration from books, films, podcasts and meditation more than social media and started feeling connected to themselves again. Perhaps this is even what made space for that Creative Urge they followed in their content? Maybe so…


Manifestors and Social Media CAN Work!


Remember, this is just one example of a Manifestor that feels empowered with social media and how you do it might look very different. Still, I want to leave you with the notion that it’s not only possible for Manifestors and social media to play nice, it’s POWERFUL. There is so much potential for impact and self-expression on social media, which is probably why you’re interested in the first place! When approached with confidence, self-knowledge and the willingness to iterate, social media can be an incredible way for you to share your voice, build your community, and even get yourself paid!

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