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Having a full reading of your Human Design chart is one of the most intimate, healing and transformative experiences you can have in your Human Design journey. While there are thousands of great chart readers out there (maybe you have already met one or two), there is nothing like the powerful connection of having your Manifestor energy read by another Manifestor. Who could possibly understand you better?

Select from one of our in-house certified Human Design Readers and discover yourself in a new way. All of our chart readings are exclusively by Manifestors and for Manifestors!

Taye Dee

Recorded Video Reading


Taye is a powerful 5/1 Manifestor here to ignite your spark. She specializes in business, manifestation & discovering your life purpose.

Book now for £222GBP
Rachael Ami

Live Video Reading


Rachael is a Human Design Expert & Alignment Coach that helps others trust in their purpose and express their true selves.

Book now for £179GBP
Ryan Spence

Live or Recorded Video Reading

English | CDT

Ryan is a 2/4 Splenic Manifestor here to help others live and heal with grace. He offers his balance of love and logic to help clients grow.

Book now for $279USD
Olga Kieszkowska

Recorded Video Reading

Polish and English

Olga is a 5/2 Emotional Manifestor that's embodying her Manifestor power and helping Manifestor Mothers do the same.

Book Now for $222USD
Tasha Robitaille

Teaching, Recording & Bonus PDF

English | ADT

Tasha is a 5/1 Splenic Manifestor - Entrepreneur, Human Design Teacher and Doula. She specializes in helping others find answers through Human Design.

Book Now for $327 USD
Emi Hosotsuji

Live or Recorded Video Reading


Emi is a 2/5 Splenic Manifestor and Guide for personal and systems transformation. She has experience approaching change and evolution from many angles.

Book now for $200USD
Dorith Kopplin

Live or Recorded Video Reading

German and English

Dorith is a 5/1 splenic manifestor from Germany who loves to guide others to live their most authentic selves.

Book Now for €250EUR
Baylee Bush

Live Video Reading


Baylee is a 2/4 Emotional Manifestor and loves showing other Manis parts of their design and how to actually use it for healing.

Book now for $250USD
Xie Yiqing

Live Video Reading

Mandarin and English

Xie is a 2/4 Ego Manifestor that helps people find clarity in what they want, and steps to start their own self-discovery. 

Book Now for $212SGD
Amy Douglas

Live or Recorded Video Reading


Amy is a 3/5 Emotional Manifestor that uses powerful initiating energy to create life-changing impact for others.

Book now for $222USD


If you book a reading with one of our certified readers, you will receive an email confirmation with the contact details of your reader and next steps. All further communications in relation to your reading will be sent to you by the reader directly.

In the case you do not receive the readers email instructions within 72 hours, please contact our team at , they will assist you. If you have not been able to resolved the situation, book a reading or contact your reader in 10 days after the moment you made your purchase, please let our team know you are interested in a refund.

If you wish to cancel a reading, you are able to do so up to 7 days before the scheduled appointment. After this time, refunds will not be provided. If you wish to reschedule a reading, you are able to do so up to 24 hours before the scheduled appointment - please contact your reader directly for assistance.

Readings are not interchangeable between readers.

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