Marina Le Menn

Certified Transformational Coach, Certified Human Design Reader & Gene Keys Expert, Rahanni healing practitioner.

She/ Her.

Offers: Live 1:1 Video Call Readings

Specialties: Business, Career, Magnetism, Self-love, Life Purpose, Embodiment, Mindset.

Contact: [email protected]

Instagram: @coaching_with_marina

Language: English & French

Price: 222 EUR



Learn More about Marina

Hi! I’m Marina, an intuitive thinker, here to empower you to rediscover and embrace your most magnetic, authentic self! 

I’m also a 4/6 splenic Manifestor and mom to a 5/1 emotional Manifestor teen. 

I have experienced major breakthroughs and ease in my life since I started loving and embodying my unique design, and I want the same for you too. 

My readings are as diverse as you are, combining human design, gene keys, intuitive guidance and my unique wisdom. 

French born, living in Ireland my readings are available in French and English.

Need a catalyst for change? Book me in!

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