Dorith Kopplin

Catalyst & Identity Coach


Offers: Recorded Video Reading

Specialties: Life, Relationship, Gene Keys, Venus Sequence

Contact: [email protected] 

Instagram: @dorith.anna

Language: German/English

Price: €250


Learn More about Dorith

I am a 5/1 splenic manifestor from Hamburg, Germany who loves to guide others to live their most authentic self and to discover their uniqueness. As an identity coach I’ll help you find your beauty from the inside through Human Design and on the outside with color and style analysis.



"No one has ever been able to describe me as well as Dorith - not even long-time friends. Dorith has recognized my innermost being within a very short time and put it into words in her quick reading. I am really fascinated! The knowledge helps me immensely to understand myself better and to go through life with more ease. I can roughly imagine what would happen if Dorith would provide me with a detailed reading: I spread my wings and start flying!"

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