Do you ever wonder what it would be like, as a Manifestor, to only initiate the things you want to?

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The Bundle...

What could your life look like if you completely trusted the decisions you made, every single time, even when they’re not logical? 
Do you feel like if you can just nail this Manifestor thing, you could really have the ability to actually initiate all the amazing things you want?

The Manifestor Masterclass Bundle is for you!
Learn everything you need to know about Manifestor Energy Cycles, Manifesting as a Manifestor, what Creative Urges are and how you can make correct decisions as a Manifestor with the Manifestor Masterclass Bundle!
The bundle includes all four Manifestor Masterclasses on the following topics:
  • Manifestor Energy Cycles
  • Manifesting as a Manifestor
  • How to Make Correct Decisions
  • Understanding Creative Urges
Along with each 60-90 minute video training you also get:
  • A meditation to support your integration of the teaching
  • A workbook with journal prompts and personal chart applications to apply the apply the teachings into your life straight away
  • Exclusive access to The Manifestor Network Facebook support group where you can ask questions and find support from hundreds of other Manifestors
Where: Digital Online via Kajabi
Price: $149 AUD (inc tax)

$149 or 4 payments of $63 with Paypal Pay in 4, if you have a personal account in AU, the USA, and the UK. Choose "Paypal Pay in 4" when you checkout with Paypal.

The Manifestor Masterclass Bundle is for you if...

You keep looking at other successful Manifestors and wonder how they do it

You know you need to be pushed out of your fear of being seen and informing, but every time you try you get stuck 

You have been trying to follow your creative urges as a Manifestor….but it just isn’t coming together

You know you’re here to do powerful things, but are so over feeling like you can’t have what you want or that your desires are wrong (I promise you Mani, they’re not!)

How does it work?


The Manifestor Masterclasses are pre-recorded digital teaching classes for the Manifestor community. Each class covers a different topic of Manifestor life, as voted by the community.
Each masterclass is a bite-sized teaching to allow you to implement into your world straight away, so there’s no need to do a full Human Design course - just learn what you need in 90 minutes!

All Masterclasses are accessed digitally online, so you can snuggle up and learn more about your incredible Manifestor-self!

Textbook teachings on Human Design rarely go into the detail that’s required for Manifestors to apply it to their everyday life.

These Masterclasses are based on my personal experience being a Manifestor, and how I’ve built a life and business around my creative urges (while also getting plenty of rest!)

Other stuff you need to know…

Only want one or two of the Masterclasses? You purchase each individually - see below for links.


Manifestor Energy Cycles

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How to Manifest as a Manifestor

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Make Decisions as a Manifestor

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Understanding Creative Urges

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"The Masterclass #1 for me was like finding missing pieces to understanding myself. It felt like a relief to see the functioning of the creation and rest cycles and finally have the words to describe how I "operated". And at the same time it was the biggest sense of permission to look at myself through the eyes of "this is how it might look like" and discovering so much space to help myself on my journey as an entrepreneur. I see this as such a valuable resource to move from "how can I be more like others" to "How can I help myself to be myself fully." I found it incredibly empowering. Thank you for all the input!!"

"This masterclass felt like coming home to myself. It was this big eye opening, heart cracking open experience YES - but in a way that my whole being sighed in remembrance and relief. It showed me the way to remembering what I forgot: Who I am, how I work. Not how things should look like, work like and all that. It reminded me of the power of being authentic and aligned with myself. It was a beautiful experience I come back to often because the message goes so much deeper than just "how to manifest xyz fast"."

"I bought MM1 as a replay and was very pleased with the format. I hate online activities and was very happy to listen to MM1 in my own pace (and I took breaks!). MM1 truly changed my life and showed me the way of discovering myself as a Manifestor that I follow today. MM1 has validated me in my understanding of how my energy works and it has taken me to connect social conditioning to things I never thought were connected! I know understand my FOMO and rest/work patterns much better. After MM1 I started my own informing experiment which has changed how I see communication and energy exchange as a Manifestor. I am very pleased with the purchase"

Plus….this epic bonus!

Purchasing the Manifestor Money Moguls also gets you an exclusive invitation to The Manifestor Network Facebook group.
This group is unlike any other Facebook group you have ever been in. It’s a supportive, genuine, teaching Facebook group just for Manifestors who want real community because Manifestors don’t need another spammy group! Plus, you’ll get to use the #moneymoguls in so that Holly answer all your questions.


Pay $149 (inc tax)


Here’s how we view sales at The Manifestor Community – every sale should always be about what is most aligned for you as the customer. We want you to make the investment decision that is correct for you. Not for your friends, your coach, for us or for your partner. The one that is right for YOU. 

Simply, we don't want you buying anything from us if it’s not 100% correct for your energy to do so. It doesn’t matter if that’s a $10 investment or a $5000 investment. We can’t help each person 1:1 to make the right choice (no sales calls around here!) so we’re dedicated to making free resources that support you in the decision making process. You’ll find free video walkthroughs for each of our high investment products, and we hope they help!

But we also have a totally free Decision Guide! 

This guide is like a Choose Your Own Adventure - dive into your inner authority type with our interactive guide. You get:

  • Audio Teachings: Get personalized 20-30 minute audio teachings from experts who share YOUR inner authority type! No textbook stuff here – just real-life wisdom from those who've been there.
  • A PDF on Definition and Authority: Understand how your energetic definition influences your decision-making process on a deeper level.


We worked with the incredible Vanesshenry and Taylor V to bring you the most authentic how-to guide for Manifestor inner authorities, alongside my own voice.

Download it here!

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