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The New Manifestors Journey

Deepening the Manifestor Journey

Entrepreneur Manifestor Journey

The New Manifestors Journey

Free Manifestor Beginner Pack

Need a clear, simple place to get started on all the Manifestor basics? Our free audio teaching pack includes 5 audios to cover:
- What Is A Manifestor 
- Manifestor Role In The Collective 
- Manifestor Energy Cycles 
- Strategy of Informing 
- Alignment (Signature Theme and Not Self)

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A Guide to Manifestors


This comprehensive 25+ page digital guide is designed to help non-Manifestors understand the Manifestor energy. It is the key tips you need to know about Manifestors, as well as a detailed breakdown of the different relationship types (parenting a Manifestor child, coaching a Manifestor, etc) and how to navigate each of them.

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Energy Cycle Tracker


If your Manifestor energy cycles are still feeling like a mystery to you, it is time to get tracking. With this specially designed tracker you will learn how to allow your energy cycles to guide your days, so you can harness those times when your energy spikes before you initiate and take time out when you need to.

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Free Manifestors Guide to Money

Money is a struggle for most people, but Manifestors have to face our money in truly uncommon ways. In this detailed 5 chapter download you’ll discover how to create money opportunities by initiating, how to use your Manifestor energy cycle to generate money while you rest and how to work with your closed aura.

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Book a Reading 

Never had a chart reading or just want one from a Manifestor who is guaranteed to understand you? We get it. Select from one of our in-house certified Human Design Readers to get a chart reading like you have never experienced. Chart readings by Manifestors and for Manifestors!

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Deepening the Manifestor Journey

Manifestor Masterclass


Do you ever wonder what it would be like, as a Manifestor, to only initiate the things you want to? Let us give you all the teaching you need to make that happen. Our masterclasses are designed to show you exactly what you need as a Manifestor, with none of the extra fluff. Each masterclass is a bite-sized teaching designed to allow you to implement the knowledge into your world straight away, so there’s no need to do a full Human Design course - just learn what you need in 90 minutes!

The topics include: 
- Manifestor Energy Cycles
- How to Manifest as a Manifestor
- How to Make Decisions as a Manifestor
- Understanding Creative Urges
- Or…..Upgrade to Masterclass Bundle!

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Manifestor Money Moguls


When you are ready to go all in on your money experience as a Manifestor, you are going to need a roadmap. Which is precisely what Manifestor Money Moguls provides. This is a self-paced course with regular live support. 

The course includes:
- An 8-part video teaching series on Manifestors and Money (plus bonus teachings)
- A Custom personalized Money Map built from your Human Design
- A Money Breakthrough Hypnosis Track 
- A Releasing Money Fears Tapping Video 
- A Releasing Somatic Money Fears Video 
- Quantum Money sessions
- Plus way more….

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The Entrepreneur Manifestor Journey

Free Manifestors Guide to Business

This comprehensive guide for getting aligned as a Manifestor in business will get you moving in exactly the right direction. We take you through offer creation, social media, managing your energy cycles and a heap more. Simply sign up, score the download and start learning.

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Manifestor Business Bundle

Are a Manifestor just starting out in business or dreaming of leaving your job to start a business? Maybe you’ve been in your business for a while but it isn’t going the way you thought it would. The Manifestor Business Bundle is your golden resource! We cover every aspect of business and launching as a Manifestor, while also providing you with a full custom chart interpretation for both you and your business, so you don’t have to keep guessing. All for under $1,000!

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Manifestor Mastermind


This high level, intimate mastermind exclusively for Manifestors only opens twice a year. If you are ready for an intense experience of transformation in your energy and business as a Manifestor, you will want to see if the doors are currently open or get your name on the waitlist.

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Manifestor Mastery Program/Certification


This 9 month Manifestor-focused program is the only detailed, intensive teaching that brings you the whole Human Design and Gene Keys system PLUS a specialty foundation on Manifestors. If you want to skip the queue and head straight to mastery when it comes to your Manifestor journey, this program is the only place to do that. Choose to join for your own journey at the Program level, or step up to the Certification level where you will leave as a fully certified Human Design and Gene Keys reader/teacher (that has a specialty qualification in Manifestors). Our certification students also go on to become paid chart readers to our audience. That is an investment made back straight away. The program/certification is currently closed. Join the waitlist for updates.

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