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Manifestor Guide to Money

Do you keep investing in coaches and courses hoping it will teach you what you need to create money, but none of it seems to work?
Are you done with seeing all the IG “influencers” earning six and seven figures, but when you look at your bank account your heart sinks?
The Manifestor Guide to Money is exactly what you need!
Learn everything you need to know about making money as a Manifestor in this free guide. 
You’ll discover how to:
  • See money as Energetic Currency
  • Create money opportunities by initiating
  • Use your Manifestor Energy Cycles to generate money while you rest
  • Accumulate wealth as a Manifestor (hint: it looks different from the Generators and MGs)
  • Work with your closed aura to bring in more money
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Price: FREE
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The Manifestor Guide to Making Money is for you if...

  • You know that Manifestors are meant to make big money, but you can’t seem to figure out how
  • You find yourself hustling hard during your creative cycle and working harder than ever, but your rest cycle hits and the money dries up 
  • You know you don’t have the energy to work harder, but you don’t know any other way
  • You think about giving up because it seems like you can’t get the money you really want and know is possible
  • You feel guilty about your desire to make millions of dollars easily, so you resign to the “proven strategies” which just makes you feel angry

How does it work?

The Manifestor Guide to Money is a free guide teaching you what you need to know about making money as a Manifestor.
You’ll discover how to create money opportunities by initiating, using your Manifestor energy cycle to generate money while you rest and how to work with your closed aura (rather than rinse and repeat the strategies that have you responding like a Generator all the time).
What does Human Design teach about money?
How does that work as a Manifestor, with a closed aura?

How can I make money just by initiating?

What blocks are in my way to making money?


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