Is it time for you to discover a real Manifestor connection?

Experience what it’s really like to feel the energy of being a Manifestor in an Incubator Call.

  • Gather on Zoom for an open forum chat before heading into 1:1 breakout rooms to deeply connect with another Manifestor
  • Discover the epiphanies and the acceptance that comes from being with the only other people on the planet who will truly understand you; the Manifestors
  • Build a friendship with a Manifestor who can support you through your growth journey
  • Pay What You Can (finances won’t stop you this time!)
  • Available in US, AUS and EU time zones 
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What Is An Incubator Call?

Throughout 2023 we ran a membership called The Manifestor District. As part of the membership, Manifestors were invited to gather regularly on Zoom for no reason other than connection. No teaching, no note taking, no preparation. Just come and meet other Manifestors. We called these the Incubator Calls and they were wildly popular.

When we archived The Manifestor District, we knew we needed to keep the Incubator calls and we had to make them as accessible as possible so that the whole Manifestor Community could be involved.

 This Incubator Call is the remake! 

 Choose a session, pay what you can, and get ready to connect.

What Do I Get?

Connection, friendship, support.


You will be purchasing access to a call (nothing else), and what you get out of the call is up to you! 

 When you purchase (with whatever payment price you choose), you will be emailed a Zoom link for the call. Show up at the scheduled time just as you are. Be sleepy, in bed, exercising, in the frenzy of finishing up errands - don’t worry about looking great or being ready to listen to teaching. That’s not what this is about.

 We will start with a group chat where you will be invited to inform and share whatever you like.

Then we will head into 1:1 Breakout Rooms, where you will meet another Manifestor and have 30-45 minutes to talk with them. Please don’t panic about what you will say to a stranger - the Manifestor throat never has trouble talking!

After your 1:1, you will be brought back into the main room to share anything you’d like about what came up in your meet up. Sit and listen, share, ask questions. Do what you like.

Then it’s a wrap.

 It all takes about 60-90 minutes.

There are no recordings.

You need to be there live, in all your authentic brilliance.



Host to our Mountain Time calls.
(this will meet a mid-morning Australia time!)

She is a 2/4 Emotional Manifestor who's been studying Human Design for 5 years now. She is absolutely obsessed with it and has used it to heal herself, her relationships, and her communities. She loves showing other Manifestors parts of their design and how to actually use it!


Host to our Central European Time calls.
(this will meet a mid-morning US time!)

She is a 1/3 Emotional Manifestor who is a multilingual VA that speaks 5 languages. She is also a German living in Spain with her partner and her cute dog. Caro is the social media manager here at The Manifestor Community and loves to bring joy to the Manifestor experience.

Is It Really Just Pay What You Can?

Yep! This is a purely donation based call. Pay as little as $1.

Please note:

Our hosts are being paid for their time and energy to facilitate these calls. If you are able to pay more for your call access, please do. This directly impacts our ability to keep the calls running.















1. Select the call that best works for your schedule.

2. You submit your donation for the call you wish to attend.

3. Our system will process your donation and send you to a confimration page that includes the Zoom details for the call.

4. You will receive a Welcome email with the same Zoom details for safe keeping.

5. Email reminders will be sent to your inbox 24hrs and 1hr before the call. A last reminder will be sent once we are LIVE. 



Calls last 60-90 minutes and there are NO RECORDINGS.


This is a donation based product. Payment are non refundable under any circumstance. We can not re-assign your funds to another call after the donation is made.

Got questions?

We’ve got answers.

SHOW ME THE calendar

Here’s how we view sales at The Manifestor Community – every sale should always be about what is most aligned for you as the customer. We want you to make the investment decision that is correct for you. Not for your friends, your coach, for us or for your partner. The one that is right for YOU. 

Simply, we don't want you buying anything from us if it’s not 100% correct for your energy to do so. It doesn’t matter if that’s a $10 investment or a $5000 investment. We can’t help each person 1:1 to make the right choice (no sales calls around here!) so we’re dedicated to making free resources that support you in the decision making process. You’ll find free video walkthroughs for each of our high investment products, and we hope they help!

But we also have a totally free Decision Guide! 

This guide is like a Choose Your Own Adventure - dive into your inner authority type with our interactive guide. You get:

  • Audio Teachings: Get personalized 20-30 minute audio teachings from experts who share YOUR inner authority type! No textbook stuff here – just real-life wisdom from those who've been there.
  • A PDF on Definition and Authority: Understand how your energetic definition influences your decision-making process on a deeper level.

We worked with the incredible Vanesshenry and Taylor V to bring you the most authentic how-to guide for Manifestor inner authorities, alongside my own voice.

Download it here!