Ready for a Manifestor chart reading?

A fully personal, unique to you guide to your Manifestor Human Design.

  • 50+ pages of your chart
  • Delivered digitally to your inbox
  • Ready for you in 10 business days
  • Custom made to order
  • Teaching on being a Manifestor you won’t find anywhere else
  • Price: $99AUD *approx $65USD or $59EURO*

What’s included?

Your Manifestor Blueprint is designed to cover the most influential, power-drive aspects of your design so you can begin integrating your own blueprint rather than learning more lingo.


It covers your: 

  • Energy type as a Manifestor (hint, you’re actually an initiator!)
  • Strategy of informing
  • Profile
  • Inner authority
  • Signature and Not self themes
  • Energy centers (defined and undefined/open)
  • Key gates in your chart
  • Manifestor Throat gates
  • Manifestor Throat channels
  • Definition
  • Ideal environment
  • Energetic motivation.

"No one has ever been able to describe me this well - not even long-time friends. It has recognized my innermost being within a very short time and put it into words in her quick reading. I am really fascinated! The knowledge helps me immensely to understand myself better and to go through life with more ease."

"I deeply appreciate the wonderful reading you gave me. I finally understand how to use my authority and I’ve been conducting experiments with it. There was so much more enlightening information!I think the most useful and impactful part you provided about my authority is the idea that it’s not always on. Working with my authority, being true to what I want to commit to, honoring my need for rest, and giving in to “micro aggressions” is my starting place."

"Dear friends, in my opinion HD is a great tool for everyone. It can benefit someone like me (meaning you know where you are going, but the vast amount of guidance and hints you get is still priceless), as well as someone who is still lost in life and NEEDS a map, because HD is just such a personal map of you. "

What is a Manifestor Blueprint?

Getting a chart reading is imperative in your Human Design journey. Learnings that can take years of your own research can be shared in rapid time, and have the ability to change your entire life. 

While having a 1:1 chart reading is a beautiful experience, the price of it makes it impossible for some people to access. This is what makes a pdf chart reading so incredible. You can financially invest much less, but receive a reading that you can come back to over and over again, bringing your favourite highlighter and your note-taking skills.

 The Manifestor Blueprint is a 50+ page custom, personalized, pdf chart reading that is your most straightforward, direct, informative gateway to learning about your own energy. The Manifestor Blueprints cover every aspect of your design that you need to unlock the power of this system’s information and start seeing real change in your life.

This is a deep, big interpretation of your chart that is designed to be your Manifestor bible. All in a printable, digital book that you can print, keep and use for years. 

Grab it now for $99AUD

"Being a manifestor feels quite alone. I don’t know a single person who is one and am surrounded by generators, manifesting generators and projectors alone. I love that The Manifestor Community makes me realize there are more people like me and it makes me feel very connected to this cool person on the other side of the globe, who just gets me, without even knowing me personally."

"I so appreciate the hard hitting but gentle truths that this community delivers! Listening to not only the podcast, but soaking in the messages shared on Instagram, and the readings....feels like a coming home. A realization that I am capable of changing the world, through my Manifestor way of being. I have felt more encouraged, supported, and motivated to live into my true Manifestor self without feeling shame or wanting to hide."

"I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for this reading. The advice changed how I look at things in business, self, friends/family. I was able to narrow down my goals and focus on what I really wanted. I was able to turn down a business offer that would have stretched me way further than I wanted and I'm so glad I did. You have no idea how much this helped me find focus again on my priorities. I cannot thank you enough!"

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$99 AUD

*approx $65USD or $59EURO*


Here’s how we view sales at The Manifestor Community – every sale should always be about what is most aligned for you as the customer. We want you to make the investment decision that is correct for you. Not for your friends, your coach, for us or for your partner. The one that is right for YOU. 

Simply, we don't want you buying anything from us if it’s not 100% correct for your energy to do so. It doesn’t matter if that’s a $10 investment or a $5000 investment. We can’t help each person 1:1 to make the right choice (no sales calls around here!) so we’re dedicated to making free resources that support you in the decision making process. You’ll find free video walkthroughs for each of our high investment products, and we hope they help!

But we also have a totally free Decision Guide! 

This guide is like a Choose Your Own Adventure - dive into your inner authority type with our interactive guide. You get:

  • Audio Teachings: Get personalized 20-30 minute audio teachings from experts who share YOUR inner authority type! No textbook stuff here – just real-life wisdom from those who've been there.
  • A PDF on Definition and Authority: Understand how your energetic definition influences your decision-making process on a deeper level.


We worked with the incredible Vanesshenry and Taylor V to bring you the most authentic how-to guide for Manifestor inner authorities, alongside my own voice.

Download it here!