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The Comprehensive Guide To Human Design Manifestors is now available!

For far too long, the worlds of Human Design and spirituality have overlooked the needs of one particular group - the Manifestors. 

"I am in complete tears after reading your book. I cannot express the level and depth of my gratitude for you and your book. This book is probably one of the most important books that I have read in my life. I really needed to read it to understand myself in my search for peace  and empowerment, and I just cannot thank you enough for going through the whole process of birthing this book, birthing this community, and for your service and dedication to empowering and enlightening us manifestors.

All the information and wisdom you have painstakingly and lovingly put together so specifically for us, is truly such an immense gift. Thank you so much for the inspiration and empowerment, and for helping me find the courage to own my manifestor nature and design to live my true self. So much love for you, your team, and the community. "

Stumbling into the study of Human Design is like discovering a box full of permission slips. All the quirks you thought made you incorrect are actually how you are wired. The deepest desires of your heart about how you want to live aren’t selfish or abnormal, they are the very roadmap that you designed yourself to have.

And then you discover that you are a Manifestor, and the world stops making sense. 

Human Design is a tool that gives us profound access to uncovering the truth of ourselves, but it is also a space that has struggled to truly capture and explain the Manifestor to the Manifestor. We know we are different, we know we don’t operate the same as everyone else, and we need our own special language and teachings on how to navigate that. 

This is the book that the world of Manifestors has been waiting for.

Everything you need to know about being a Manifestor and living in alignment with your energy is covered in this comprehensive guide, even including dominating business and social media with your Manifestor boldness. As the first and only book in the world specifically for Manifestors (and written by a Manifestor), you will learn how to harness your initiating spirit, how you are wired to make correct decisions, how to honour your throat, your energy cycles and your wild urges.

 >> Have you struggled with the heavy load of conditioning?

 >> Have you been overwhelmed by the deep wounds of your Manifestor energy?

 >> Have you found relationships to be a minefield of confusion?

You’re a Manifestor and you do all of these things uniquely. All you need is the roadmap to walking that journey in the way you were always designed to.

The best thing about being a Manifestor is that you are called to go first. You initiate yourself so that the rest of the world can be initiated. So use the opportunity of this guide to draw yourself into the power you have long suspected you hold, and turn your life around into the most magnificent expression of yourself. 

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Hi, I’m Holly


 I am the world's leading specialist in Human Design Manifestors, facilitating the official online teaching community exclusively for Manifestors. Four years ago, after certifying in Human Design and Gene Keys, I began creating The Manifestor community by following a creative urge. Today, the community serves 20,000 Manifestors and people wanting to learn about Manifestors. 


I am a certified Human Design and Gene Keys teacher and a business veteran with 15+ years experience in multi million and multi 6 figure businesses under my belt. I am also a certified clinical hypnotherapist, Breathwork, EFT and meditation practitioner, a registered nurse, a Reiki 2 healer and a certified Trauma Informed Life and Success Coach.


It remains my deepest mission to bring teaching to Manifestors that offers healing, discovery and true growth. The world needs Manifestors to be in their power, and it is my privilege to facilitate a space where they can do exactly that.

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But we also have a totally free Decision Guide! 

This guide is like a Choose Your Own Adventure - dive into your inner authority type with our interactive guide. You get:

  • Audio Teachings: Get personalized 20-30 minute audio teachings from experts who share YOUR inner authority type! No textbook stuff here – just real-life wisdom from those who've been there.
  • A PDF on Definition and Authority: Understand how your energetic definition influences your decision-making process on a deeper level.


We worked with the incredible Vanesshenry and Taylor V to bring you the most authentic how-to guide for Manifestor inner authorities, alongside my own voice.

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