So, you're a Manifestor, huh?

Understanding yourself as a Manifestor sounds pretty simple.....until it really doesn't.

Being a Manifestor is one of the most incredible revelations you'll ever have, but first you need to cut through the unhelpful teachings about yourself and discover how to actually manage this intense energy type that you landed yourself with.

Don't worry. The Manifestor Beginner Pack has you covered.

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Here is what you get....

The Manifestor Beginner Pack covers the 5 most important pillars of alignment as a Manifestor.


This is a completely FREE audio pack of teaching that gives you an audio on each of these topics:

  • What Is A Manifestor
  • The Manifestor Role In The Collective
  • The Manifestor Energy Cycles
  • The Strategy of Informing
  • Alignment (Signature Theme and Not Self) 
Yes Please!

The Beginner Pack is for you if...

You want to learn how to be a Manifestor...from an aligned Manifestor;

You are tired of googling what Manifestors are and what our role is about; 

You want a deeper dive into understanding our energy cycles;

You're working to understand our strategy of informing; and

You need to be informed about what is looks like to live in alignment as a Manifestor (understanding our signature theme and not-self theme).
In other helps you with pretty much everything. 

As a specialist teacher to an audience of thousands of Manifestors (and a Manifestor myself), I found I was speaking to so many Manifestors who wanted an insider’s view on how to really be powerfully aligned as a Manifestor and understand our role in the Collective...

So the idea for The Manifestor Beginner Pack was born. 

This is your starting place. It gives you all the simple, clear and direct information you need to move your Manifestor journey ahead in the right direction.'s free. So there is literally nothing to lose.


"Holly is clearly very knowledgeable about Human Design and has a gift for explaining in practical terms how to use Human Design tools to achieve your goals and live your signature. I felt like she knew me before we ever met!"

"Understanding my Human Design has helped me gain some real clarity about myself, my purpose and how I fit into the world. Holly explains the concepts with patience, care and a lot of passion."

"I feel more trusting of the processes I use to live my life with integrity and ease after my session. It is something I'm definitely going to explore more! Thanks Holly!"

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