Maximize Your Money Potential & Initiate A New Money Story For Yourself & The Planet


It's time to align with your unique Manifestor Money energy & become a leader in the new energetics of wealth. 

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Are you ready to:

  • Easily (yep, easily) generate money just by being your Manifestor self?
  • Close your money struggle stories for good and become an inspiration to your friends, family and followers?
  • Stop behaving like everyone else and fully own your desires and your power when it comes to money?
  • Play by your own rules + finally see it succeed?
  • Put your money to work in the way that you truly want to and become more influential as your money grows?
  • Become a harmoniously wealthy Manifestor, aligned with and bringing forth a new frequency of money on the planet that is not just abundant, but sustainable?
This is EXACTLY the place you need to be, Manifestor.
There is NO other program like this one.

This isn’t just another bunch of money meditations or three-step systems to 10x your growth. And I won’t tell you to just be grateful and watch money show up.  

Instead, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how you uniquely make money as a Manifestor in this transformational experience. 

Price: $1499 AUD or 3 Monthly Payments of $500 AUD (inc tax)

Wanna know if this is for you, Manifestor?


You’re watching the Generators and MGs (heck even the Projectors) around you follow the same money strategy, and end up bringing in tonnes of money... but your bank account is stagnant (or even drying up...)

You’ve listened to every single Amanda Frances training and downloaded all the freebies from Manifestation Babe….but it still isn’t working

You’ve worked on your money story and you still feel stuck. You know that if you don’t get your shit together with money, your business will keep failing and never really go anywhere

You genuinely fear that if you try to make money in alignment with manifestor energy, you will fail

You look at your bank account (or that last invoice you sent) and your heart sinks. You’re working harder than ever but still, the money just isn’t showing up.

I promise you...

  • You don't have to receive just a little bit of money and then watch it dry up while you're in your rest cycle. You can learn to be in constant communion with money so you can receive abundantly, even when you're resting. 
  • You can match your desire for money with the frequency of money, becoming aligned with long-term wealth instead of desperately chasing short-term money outcomes. 
  • You can bring in money like you breath oxygen when you follow your Manifestor energy and stop trying to behave like everyone else.
  • Attracting huge amounts of money without the hustle and burn out is not only's the Manifestor way. 
  • When you learn which people and energies to surround yourself with to stay in a state of financial abundance, you NEVER have to go back to scarcity again.

What's in it for you?

  • 8-part video teaching series on Manifestors and Money (including energetics, high level Human Design, PHS and Gene Keys mapping, $2000 value)
  • A custom personalised Money Map built from your Human Design, ($533 value)
    including journal reflections and a full integration workbook ($99 value) 
  • Money Breakthrough Hypnosis ($179 value) 
  • Money Fears Tapping Video ($129 value)
  • Somatic Money Fears Video ($129 value)


  • Bonus Audio "How to Make Money in Rest Cycles" ($129 value)
  • 2x Quantum Money Group Session Recordings (replays). These are 2.5 hour intensive group sessions designed to draw out your money trauma, transmute it into high frequencies and quantum leap you forward in your money prosperity. ($999 value)
  • Bi-monthly support calls with Holly
  • Archived Community Welcome Call Recording
  • And of course...

The use of #moneymoguls & lifetime access in the FB group to get all your questions answered.

Lifetime access and self-paced learning to go back to over and over.

What will you get from this?

  • Increase not just your state of abundance, but your actual wealth. Money in the bank.
  • Unshakeable understanding of the way you were energetically designed to relate to money, so you can hold that frequency no matter what's happening in the world at large. 
  • Money speed. Learn what I spent 3 years trying to figure out about making money as a Manifestor in weeks instead of years.
  • A deep sense of money security.
  • Education and knowledge about your personal and unique relationship to money, so you can financially thrive. Always. 
  • A loving, expansive relationship to your money and wealth desires. (No more thinking you are selfish or want too much!)
  • Learn the tools that I use, even now, to bring in $30k - $50k months regularly

"I know deep inside me, that Holly knows more than I do, so I invested in myself to go 1000% in. The conditioning bundle as well as the money moguls are supporting and helping me to unfold more and more what I AM NOT and then to release it and to expand who I truly am. A big thank you to the lovely Holly who come across to share her wisdom with an unshakable heart and beautiful soul."

"Holly Maree is my go to source on all things Human Design. I really struggled with it when I was first introduced to it. The sources I came across made it seem overwhelming and bleak. Holly makes Human Design approachable, actionable and fun. After engaging with her content I want to learn more, and it’s given me a profound appreciation not only for my unique design but also the design of others."

"The Money Moguls Program is one of the best teachings I’ve ever had about what it’s like to thrive being a powerful manifestor. The thing I enjoyed the most about the program was the specific information about the G Center. I highly recommend the program!"

Need ALL the information before you decide? We get it.

We created a full, detailed video walkthrough of Manifestor Money Moguls that you can download for FREE!


Because we believe in supporting you to make safe investments that are completely correct for you.
No smoke and mirrors around here.

If you want to know exactly what you would be getting in Money Moguls, hit the button below to get the video walkthrough now!

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$500 AUD

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Please note that payment plans are a legally binding contract of payment. All payments must be met on time and in full. Please ONLY choose the payment plan option if you can ensure that you will have the monthly funds available. If you do not, please do not purchase. Our products are evergreen and you are not missing out by not purchasing now. We do not encourage scarcity spending, or putting yourself in financial distress. Payment Plan Policy

What does the Manifestor Money Moguls look like...

This course is split into 8 separate topics including:
Manifestor Relationship to Money
No more responding like the generators and MGs. Learn how to make money leveraging your manifestor energy + work with your closed aura rather than against it.
Manifestor Money Conditioning + Wounds
Out of all the energy types, Mani’s are most misunderstood. Start re-writing your personal money story + become aware of your core words so you can align your energy to the frequency of more than enough money.
Inner Authorities + Collective Money Fears
Start using your inner authority to become a graciously wealthy Manifestor, letting go of any fears of being unethical or greedy.
Money Blocks and Shadows
Learn how to work through money blocks and become aware of shadow frequencies showing up around your relationship to money, so you can bring more lightness and play into generating more money in your business or career.
Aligned Action & Receiving Money
Yes, you can receive money even when you rest. In fact (as you’ll learn in this module) it’s probably the most important and productive thing you can do to make money.
(Yep, seriously.)
Jupiter + Money
Here we get into the deeper layers of your chart to start unpacking your unique relationship to money through the gates.
Abundance Keys + Expanders
This module will blow your mind! We’re getting into Gene Keys, accelerating your money growth with Abundance Keys, Blocks and Expanders in Your G Centre.
PHS (Primary Health System) + Money
I’ve never seen this topic covered ANYWHERE. This is what took me 3 years of learning and experimentation to work out (you’ll get it in one video!)

Plus….this epic bonus!

Purchasing the Manifestor Money Moguls also gets you an exclusive invitation to The Manifestor Network Facebook group.
This group is unlike any other Facebook group you have ever been in. It’s a supportive, genuine, teaching Facebook group just for Manifestors who want real community because Manifestors don’t need another spammy group! Plus, you’ll get to use the #moneymoguls in so that Holly answer all your questions.

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