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If you’re a Manifestor in business or looking to start a business, you’ve come to the right place! This website is one of the only resources out there that specializes in Manifestors in Human Design and covers not only general Human Design knowledge, but business specific learnings from 15+ years of real world creation and business building from a 4/6 splenic Manifestor (Holly Maree!). Read on to learn why I tend to recommend that Manifestors go into business for themselves and three of my high level tips for getting started. 

Why Manifestors Go Into Business For Themselves

The truth is, businesses are majority built and run by Generator types who have consistent energy. This makes it incredibly difficult for a Manifestor to be able to work successfully long-term within their structures. Often, a Manifestor will be the star at work for a while. Your boss can see and sense your creative and initiating power, and naturally, they’re excited to use it to fuel their goals or build their own reputation. However, the Manifestor energy that lets you do a burst of work that is more impressive than the work of four other people has a big cycle of rest built in. Bosses often set an expectation of what you can do based on your Creative Cycle, but you cannot sustain those bursts of energy consistently. Unfortunately, most businesses are simply not set up to honor the time you need to rest, restore and recover to be able to bring your magic back again. 

This is why Manifestors tend to look for alternative employment setups, often leading to going into business for themselves. When Manifestors run their own business, they can build it to honor their rest cycles, express themselves creatively and receive the fruits of their own initiating power. This will always be more aligned for you because you are meant to bring forth the new, not build someone else’s dream. 

3 Tips for Manifestors in Business

You’re here to take inspiration into action.

When you’re a Manifestor, the crux of your business is taking an Urge - something that has never existed before in quite this way - from inspiration into action and manifestation. You are the conduit that brings new things through your design and into the collective. This doesn’t mean you are taking ALL of the action or having to bring your Creative Urge to completion by yourself, but it does mean that you are responsible for it. Other people don’t have the Urge, you do, so no matter how it all gets done, you are the only one that can take an idea and articulate it in a way that makes it real. This will often begin as a non-verbal creative flow process where you have a burst of energy to work on your own. Then, once you are a couple steps in and have enough clarity to articulate to others what you want (if they are helping you realize this creation), or where you are taking them (if they are potential customers or consumers of what you are creating) the energy shifts so you aren’t holding it alone.

You need support from staff or outsourcing!

You have to hire other people! I know it can feel daunting, but it’s something you’re just going to have to get used to as a Manifestor business owner! There are so many flavors to this, from having a virtual assistant, to an online business manager, to a graphic designer, social media manager or nanny/housekeeper to take household work off your plate. One thing to remember is that 99 times out of 100, you won’t actually have the money to hire someone before you do it. You have to take the leap of faith (driven by your authority) that hiring someone will give you the space you need and free up your energy to be even more potent in your business. Inform the universe that you need money to pay for them and it will come, especially if it is an aligned expenditure and person. Again, listen to your authority to make these decisions about hiring and do your deconditioning work to make sure it’s coming from your truth and not just what you think you should be doing because some business coach on the internet told you to!


You expand others by following your Urges.

In order for you to hear your Urges clearly and take action on them, you can’t be too involved in what other people are doing and saying and creating. In fact, you are here to ignore most other things that are presented to you! Why? Because that is a form of responding. Most of the population is bouncing ideas and inspiration and action-taking off of one another through the process of responding, but not you. You need to be more tuned into your soul and the energy of the Universe in order to receive your Urges clearly. You also need to be unplugged from the grid of sacral energy that can leave you burned out and on a hamster wheel of taking action. Take your rest, listen in, and act when it’s time. You expand others by following your Urges and give them something to respond to, which expands what is possible for all of us. Don’t be afraid to be a trail blazer!


What I most want to leave you with as a Manifestor in business is encouragement that it’s possible to follow your design and succeed. In fact, it’s necessary! It will of course be a unique journey you go on to do it, but you can also learn from the Manifestors in business that have come before you. I share my entire business and money story in this podcast episode, which really helps you see the places I wasn’t in alignment with my design and the adjustments I made to actualize a business that truly works for me (hint: even when I had what a lot of people would consider a “dream” coaching business - it didn’t feel right!) It’s called from $0 to $2 Million and Back Again. Listen in here. There are also various interviews with other Manifestor business owners to explore and learn from on the podcast!


Ready to go deeper into Human Design for business?

If you are newer to Human Design or just want to get a solid foundation before you start building your business, I recommend looking at the Manifestor Masterclass Bundle. From energy cycles, to manifestation to making decisions with your authority, it will help you have a comprehensive knowledge of the basics of creating as a Manifestor that will set you up for success in business down the road. 

You can also grab my free resource, The Manifestors Guide to Business here.

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