Reasons You Aren't Making Clear Decisions as a Manifestor

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Reasons You Aren't Making Clear Decisions as a Manifestor

Making decisions that are correct for you is one of the most life-changing parts of Human Design, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy! There are many reasons why you might be getting thrown off track in your decision-making process as a Manifestor and today I want to highlight five of them so you can identify which one is holding you back the most and make a breakthrough around it. The work of deconditioning isn’t necessarily fun, but it’s so worth it!


If you’re a Manifestor learning about Human Design and struggling to make clear decisions according to your authority, this blog post is for you. (If you need a full refresher on or introduction to the various authorities, you can find that post here.)

Reason #1: You’re Disconnected From Your Body

Authority in Human Design is based on being able to access decision-making cues from your body, not your mind. If you’ve been brought up to favor intellectuality and reason over somatic (body-based) wisdom, then you might have trouble with this at first! This is very common and something most Manifestors have to explore in their Human Design Experiment. Being able to make clear decisions requires that you have an intimate relationship with your body and the signals that it’s sending you. 


If you’re an emotional authority, this looks like knowing what nervousness feels like in your body and being able to track when the sensation releases (as well as recognizing highs and lows and not identifying with them). If you’re a splenic authority, this looks like being able to recognize very subtle intuitive hits about whether an environment, situation or decision is correct for you or not that come through your body in a way that you might call your “spidey senses.” If you’re an ego authority, you have to be able to use your voice, speak your desires out loud and assess whether what you said is what you want or if something feels off. 


(If you want help with this, I also have a guided somatic healing process in Manifestor Masterclass #3 that can help you move out of your head and into your body so you can hear your authority better.)


Reason #2: You’re Terrified Of What Other People Think

As a Manifestor, it’s simply a fact that a good amount of people are going to be repelled by what you create. It’s part of the way your aura works. There are people that are totally compelled by you, and people that are repelled by you and your creations. At the end of the day, what you make or have to share is simply not for them. Whether they just aren’t ready, aren’t your vibe, or need to be initiated by a different kind of Manifestor, it really doesn’t matter. Practice building your trust muscle that whoever doesn’t like you, doesn’t believe in you or doesn’t buy from you just isn’t part of your soul community. It would be awesome if those people that were repelled by us never told us how they feel or what they think, but the odds of never getting feedback are pretty low. Continue to build your community of people that love you and focus your attention on them, not on the people that don’t get it. Trust that your authority is leading you to a place of utmost fulfillment with the perfect cast of characters to match!

Reason #3: You Don’t Want To Face More Pushback 

If you’re a Manifestor who has experienced a lot of anger, frustration or discouragement in your life because of pushback from the world around you, it’s easy to swear off trying new things or even get depressed by the thought of even initiating something new. The Manifestor strategy of informing is an incredibly helpful tool in this department, but I’d be lying if I said it was the complete story. Yes, you need to learn to inform the people around you who will be affected by your actions. Yes, you need to inform the Universe when you need money, support, or assistance. In addition, you may also need to do some work around who you are allowing into your psychic and relational space. If there are certain people in your life that give you pushback or even light discouragement when you share your plans with them, either they may not be the best relationships for you or you might not truly need to inform that person of what you plan to do, especially when an idea is new. Not everyone is going to understand your ideas at first, but you can tell the difference between who asks helpful questions to learn more and who brings your energy down or cuts off your flow. Learn to be discerning about what kinds of conversations are helpful and which are harmful in your Initiation process. 


It should also be said that if this is a real trigger for you, you may need to do some healing work around past experiences of pushback, rejection or feeling unsupported. An energy healer or somatic practitioner of some kind could be a good option for moving through these feelings and stuck memories 

Reason #4: You Need to Decondition Your Authority Center

No matter what your authority is and what center it comes from, you might have some deconditioning work to do around it. We often think of our defined centers as our strengths, and they absolutely can be, but all of our centers can be expressed in a healthy way or an unhealthy way. If you are stuck in an unhealthy expression of the center that makes up your authority, you will need to do some deconditioning around it to really feel clear in your decision-making. A great example of this is ego authority. If you have ego authority, but you judge getting what you want as bad and narcissistic, or feel that you aren’t as worthy as others because of your gender, race, class, etc. then you won’t be able to hear your authority clearly. 


This need for deconditioning can show up in emotional authorities as well. If you judge emotionality and see it as weakness, you may suppress your feelings and cut off your potential for awareness as you move through your wave. For splenic authorities, this can be a fear of saying no or causing a scene. Because the spleen doesn’t necessarily speak logically or make sense until the moment has passed, if you judge yourself as being dramatic for needing to change locations or remove yourself from a situation or even just say no to someone, it will be difficult to use your authority to make clear decisions. 

Reason #5: You’re Getting Distracted By A Center That Isn’t Your Authority

Whether it’s a defined center, or an undefined center, it’s possible that one or more of your other centers are speaking more loudly than your authority center is. Say you have a defined Ego center but your authority is actually Splenic. It can be easy to listen to the energy coming from your ego rather than the awareness coming from the spidey senses of your Spleen. Becoming aware of this tendency may be all you need to make sure the ego feels heard, but isn’t making the final decision. 


If it’s an undefined or open center that is speaking loudly, it’s helpful to get to know which center that is, from your Head to your Ajna to your Solar Plexus Center to your identity Center. Finding what’s called the “Not Self Talk” of each undefined center in your chart and recognizing it when your mind starts thinking it will help you put a separation between yourself and the thought. You can reinforce to yourself that that thought isn’t really you, because it’s coming from an undefined center and you can refocus your attention back to your authority, which will always be coming from your definition. 



I hope this blog post will help you in listening to your authority in Human Design more clearly! If you need more details and advice on this process, check out Manifestor Masterclass #3, which goes even more in depth on the Manifestor Authorities, how to recognize and trust them, and takes you through a somatic process to be able to hear your authority more clearly!

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