3 Things You Need To Know About Manifestors

Being a Manifestor is incredible. While it can certainly be a struggle to understand all the unique ways we are designed, unlocking the true power of being a Manifestor is nothing short of phenomenal.

But what about the very real difficulty we face with others not understanding us? Our closed aura can cause all kinds of resistance from people who are perhaps earnestly trying to love us, but are failing dismally in doing so.

It has become a mission in my work to ensure that I educate as many non- Manifestors as possible about all the quirks of the Manifestor life. The more we understand each other, the more love and harmony are truly possible.

So this blog post is dedicated to Manifestors who wish to know themselves better, but also to those who love Manifestors and need a little education on how to love us well. Let me walk you through three things you need to know about Manifestors, and why they are important!

#1: Don’t Tell Us What To Do

This is the #1 universal Manifestor law. It doesn’t matter what relationship you have with a Manifestor or what environment you are in, a Manifestor is never going to respond well to being told what to do. While this seems arrogant and immature on the surface, there is a deep sacred purpose behind it.

The Manifestor aura is closed, like a solid brick wall with no doors and no windows. We are the only energy type in the whole world with closed energy. Every other person has some form of open energy where you can read each other, understand who you are connecting with and where they are at. Manifestors? Nothing. Energetic silence. The result is that Manifestors experience a response from others that is either curiosity (‘Wow, I don’t understand you but I want to!’) or threatened (‘I can’t see how to interact with you. You are too unpredictable’).

While the closed aura can certainly have its challenges, its reason for existence is crucial. It is for protection. A Manifestor needs to be able to live in the murky grey area of sensing things that have not yet been created but want to be. We bring initiations from the unknown into the known, from the intangible 5D into the tangible 3D. That not only takes significant energy (we’ll talk about that later), but it also requires a protected separation from the noise and influence of the world. Cue: closed aura.

When that closed aura is met with any kind of attempt at control (Eg. You need to do what I say, Manifestor!), the aura reacts. It pushes back with force. The Manifestor feels that as an immediate revulsion. It is as though we are being suffocated or taken hostage against our will. It is not a conscious response for us to say ‘Don’t tell me what to do’. Not at all. We don’t think about it before we react. The aura reacts for us.

Most Manifestor adults have learned to curb the ‘Don’t tell me what to do’ response by using a polite smile or a diplomatic response. But some have not, and certainly, children do not have such learned behaviour for many years. So in most cases you will see the strongest reaction when you try to instruct a Manifestor child to do something they don’t want to do.

It may be frustrating to be around a Manifestor that cannot be controlled, but remember this: Not being swayed by the world is what allows us to initiate all the new things that the world needs to progress. As a person who loves a Manifestor you can’t have it both ways. You either let us follow our own voice and make our own rules for existence, or you don’t get the benefits of all the magic we create that very genuinely changes the world.

#2: Our Rest Needs Are Unique, And We Need A Lot Of It

If 2020 and 2021 have taught us anything, it is that we all need rest. Rest is no longer a reward, it is a necessity of life. For the longest time, the world has equated rest with collapse. When we work ourselves to the bone, we collapse into rest to recharge.

For any non Sacral being (Manifestor, Projector or Reflector) that way of life is utterly unsustainable and quickly leads to burnout. But that doesn’t mean that all non Sacral beings rest the same way or have the same rest needs. Much like nearly every other part of the Manifestor energy type, our rest needs are unique and you will be startled at exactly how much of it we truly need to function.

Unlike everyone else in the world, Manifestors have an energetic cycle. It isn’t consistent, but it is repeating. It is known as the Creation-Rest Cycle. In short, Manifestors will create or initiate the thing that they are feeling called to. It can be anything – a project, a house move, a haircut, a job change, a business, etc. All the Manifestors energy will go into creating that initiation as though we are in a frenzy. We are, really. It is an obsession. And then, when it has been initiated (not sustained, simply initiated) we lose interest and disconnect. We are bored, done, finished. Once this boredom sets in, the Rest Cycle is on its way.

The Rest Cycle has two functions; recovery and space creation. First, we recover. It is a physical, energetic, mental and emotional recuperation from the effort we just exerted. We will look tired, act tired and feel tired. It is much like having a bad head cold. During this time your Manifestor won’t want to speak or interact with you. This phase can last a week or more, depending on the size of the previous initiation.

Then the second function of the Rest Cycle kicks in. Phase 2. This is where the Manifestor is simply resting to create space for the next unknown initiation that will come through. We don’t know what that will be, when it will come or how big it will be. We are just as uncertain about the length of our Rest Cycle as you are. Phase 2 isn’t as debilitating as Phase 1. We are often functioning at about 30-40% of our normal capacity. We can get dressed each day, maybe garden a little or watch Netflix. We may even read or listen to podcasts. We can push ourselves to coffee catch-ups with friends and people interaction, but doing that even once a week will drain all the energy we have. We struggle to initiate anything while we rest, including making appointments, choosing what to have for dinner or going grocery shopping. We reflect a lot during this time. This function of the Rest Cycle can take weeks, months or in some rare cases, years. The length and depth of this second phase is directly related to how big our next initiation will be. Space creating, remember? It all makes sense when our Creative Cycle kicks back in, but until then, it is anyone’s guess.

Here is the one thing you really need to know about rest for Manifestors though; our cycle is 20/80. That is 20% creating, 80% resting. That means over a calendar year, a Manifestor will likely rest for about 10 months and create for only 2. (If you want to learn more about the Manifestor Energy Cycles, check out the masterclass here)

We aren’t doing nothing while we rest. In fact, we are doing a whole lot of something important; getting in alignment.

#3: Don’t Get In Our Way Or Interrupt Us

Just to clarify further from the ‘Don’t tell us what to do’ concept, it bears mentioning that a Manifestor will hate having you in their way. This occurs mostly in the Creative Cycle, but can pop up in the Rest Cycle too. (If you want to learn more about Creative Urges in the Creative Cycle, check out the masterclass here)

When a Manifestor is using their energy to initiate, to rest or even just to talk, it is a flow. The energy is moving from us and we simply go along for the ride. That energy does not want to be stopped or interrupted. If it is, the response you will get is anger.

Think of water moving at a torrential rate out of a dam. It creates its own force as it pours over the edge of the dam in a waterfall. It is majestic, right? So what happens when you block that off and stop the water from running where it wants to go? It explodes the banks of the damn and creates a flood. That is exactly what happens to a Manifestor’s energy when you interrupt it or try to get in its way. In short, it hurts us and we hate it.

When a Manifestor is speaking, I encourage you to let them finish before you respond. When they are working or creating, leave them alone. When they share something with you, don’t tell them how to do it better or insist that they let you help.

Manifestors want to be independant and simply have you observe the journey. If you have a Manifestor in your life, it isn’t by accident. They possess a rareability to push you into action and growth without ever intending to do so.Rather than begrudging the Manifestor and insisting that they be less than what they are, try seeing it as a gift. You have the ability to be zapped by the starting gun of a race each time you are with a Manifestor. That is always a good thing.

The more you can understand yourself as a Manifestor, or understand the Manifestor in your life, the more of this beautiful life force energy you can unlock!

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