5 Ways To Deal With A Manifestor (When You Are One Too)

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If you are an incredibly lucky individual, chances are you have a Manifestor in your life. As only 9% of the population, Manifestors are not all that common to come by. But if you are also a Manifestor, connected to a fellow Manifestor? Well then, you have struck gold.

I am uniquely and incredibly blessed to naturally have a lot of Manifestors around me. Prior to creating this community of Manifestors online, I had a number of Manifestors around me. I have several family members that are Manifestors including one of my parents, one of my children and my best friend is a Manifestor. I also have had, over the series of running my previous coaching business, several Manifestor clients. I came to discover that a vast number of people in my audience were attracted to me because I was a Manifestor and they were also Manifestors, even before any of us knew it.

So I do experience a lot of Manifestor energy. I do have an unusual radar or magnetism for other Manifestors. And I recognize how unusual that is. What it has provided me with is a lot of wisdom and insight into how to navigate being in relationships or connection with other Manifestors. You may not enjoy hearing it, but it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows being around Manifestor energy. Even when you understand them as well as you understand yourself, there can be some stormy clouds that create turbulence.

The aim of this blog post is to not only help you see those areas where you and a fellow Manifestor might find love or hate, but to also provide you with the tools to unscramble that and embrace the connection on a deeper level.

1. Remember you are on the outside of their aura

The external experience of what it feels like to receive Manifestor energy rather than give it is often the most challenging aspect to swallow. As Manifestors, we all know what it feels like being in our own aura. We all know what it feels like to have our inner voice, to feel our Energy Cycles, to not want to Inform, to want to experience quietness, freedom and space.

But what does it feel like to be on the receiving end of Manifestor energy? Being in the external orbit of a Manifestor means you are on the outside of their closed aura. Being a Manifestor yourself doesn’t give you an all access pass to their closed aura. This means you are going to experience their Manifestor energy just as other people experience it.

At first, you will sense their energy before they walk into the room. You will notice them completely unconsciously, without even knowing how you’ve noticed them or why you’ve noticed them. They don’t need to do anything to be noticed; you simply notice them.

But then you begin to experience the repelling or the magnetizing quality of that aura. You may very well be instantly repelled by another Manifests energy. I certainly have been repelled by another Manifestor many times because it just doesn’t sit right with me for a non-descript reason. I just can’t articulate it. I can’t put my finger on it. It just doesn’t feel correct. It feels kind of invasive. It feels kind of intrusive. It feels kind of off and I’m repelled and I want to get out of their space. I want to get out of their energy. You are going to experience that with some other Manifestors. You’re just going to dislike them without really understanding why you dislike them, even though you both share many of the same energetic qualities.

Alternatively though, you are going to be magnetized to their energy, the same way that people are magnetized to you. You are going to experience the mysterious sense of magnetism. It will be ‘Wow, this person is inspiring. Wow. I want to be up in their space. I want to be friends with them. I want to talk to them. I want to follow them. I want to go wherever they go.’ It has no rhyme or reason – your energy is simply ready to receive their impact, and so it responds to theirs with intrigue.

I experience this polarity with staggering regularity because I run a business for other Manifestors. I unusually experience thousands of Manifestors who are unconsciously magnetized to me (or sometimes repelled). Even though I’m not doing anything to attract (or repel) them. I’m not selling anything. I’m not saying anything particularly wise. But they’re really inspired. They just want to be around me. They just want to be in my energy. They just feel really kind of lit up and really influenced by my energy. You are going to feel like that around some Manifestors. You are going to be magnetized to them.

So this is your first point in knowing how to deal with Manifestors you come across. Who in your life do you notice without them talking or without them doing anything? Who has energy that you notice without them really doing anything to be noticed? Are you repelled by someone or magnetized to someone? That is your first clue that you’ve got a Manifestor happening around you, and allowing yourself to be repelled or magnetized with full permission is key to have harmony in that connection.

2. You don’t have to be involved in their anger

Anger is the Not Self Theme for Manifestors. Meaning that if you happen to come across a Manifestor who is angry (even if it is yourself), they are out of alignment. This isn’t something to be demonized, but rather a tool the Manifestor needs to learn to use. That anger is a message from your body to advise that you have gone out of alignment somewhere along the way. It is a calling home.

No one is immune from the volcanic eruption of a Manifestor anger explosion. With a Manifestor in your life you will feel the wrath of their anger when they are out of alignment. If you have a person in your life who is prone to having angry outbursts, angry tantrums, or being like a volcano when they are annoyed about something (or when they’re interrupted or when things are not going their way), chances are you’ve got yourself a Manifestor..

That anger can feel like a bad case if sunburn. It scars. And you being a Manifestor yourself does not give you thicker skin when dealing with an angry outburst from an unaligned Manifestor. But it is helpful to observe and understand. Are they in alignment? Are they listening to their inner voice? Are they trusting themselves? Or are they out of alignment? Are they feeling constantly angry or resentful? Are they people pleasing or are they being rebellious? Answers to these questions will give you a good guide on how to respond to and engage with that Manifestor.

Boundaries are key here. I personally have created a boundary for myself that if a Manifestor is out of alignment, I am not going to engage in their space, unless they are using that anger with respect. I am not going to engage in their energy when the anger is exploding because Manifestor energy is so, so big, and so potent. It is so powerful that even as a Manifestor myself, if they are out of alignment, I’m still receiving all of that energy through my closed aura. Knowing that I am an Undefined Emotional being helps me recognise that I am receiving all of their anger and I’m cranking the volume up to 200. It feels like tiring, emotional chaos to me.

So these are the boundaries that I have put in place for myself. I’d encourage you to think about that and review that in your own life. If you come across a Manifestor who is out of alignment, you may feel safer with distance from them. Being a Manifestor yourself does not mean that you have an obligation or a responsibility to tolerate or participate in the energy of a Manifestor who is out of alignment.

3. An aligned Manifestor will hugely impact you

A Manifestor who is in alignment, however, is whole different ball game. Their energy will be vastly expansive for you. An aligned Manifestor is an inspiring, influential and challenging force of nature – in the best ways.

Being the receiver of a Manifestor energy working in alignment can open your heart, mind and soul. It will inspire you to feel like you can dream, like you can expand your whole world, like you can create and initiate, and most importantly, that you can live bigger. A Manifestor can push your energy to go further, to be bolder. You will feel you can trust yourself more, you can let go of those doubts, you can live in fullness.

So getting into the space of Manifestors who are in alignment is one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself. Trust me.

Even though you make your own rules, and even though you’re going to follow your own initiations and do things the way that you want to do, a fellow aligned Manifestor sitting in your corner will act as a catalyst for you. They will naturally be an energetic expander.

4. Understand how they are different to you, not just the ways you are the same

Understanding and accepting our differences is the fundamental key to human progression. This isn’t a lesson just for Manifestors – it applies to us all. If you cannot love and accept a person for all the ways they are different to you, it is time to check yourself and where that well of self love is running dry.

Of course, like in most things, Manifestors have a unique way of being different. We have the most diversity amongst our energy type. While there is a sense of similarity between many Generators or Projectors (the warm sunshine of Generator energy and the loving guidance of a Projector), Manifestors are very, very different, even to each other. The chance of you meeting a Manifestor that is just like you is so slim.

A lot of my Manifestor friends are very different from me. My Manifestor child is very different from me. My Manifestor father is very different from me. My Manifestor staff members (yes, I run a team of staff that are Manifestors) are very, very different from me. The Manifestors that I come across in my audience are all incredibly different from me. This is the delight and the beauty of Manifestors. That we are not just different from everybody else, but we are also different from each other.

You could put five Manifestors next to each other, and everybody would have completely different energy cycles, completely different ways of initiating, completely different personality traits, completely different informing styles and expressions. We’re all different. So instead of approaching those Manifestors in your life by trying to find ways that you are the same, begin approaching these Manifestors in your life by recognizing and celebrating all the ways that you are different.

I am privileged to work closely with a fellow Splenic Manifestor. In fact, our charts are incredibly similar. We have one Energy centre variance, and the rest of it is almost identical. However, she is a 2/4 Manifestor, and I am a 4/6 Manifestor. Which means she needs introverted time that I don’t need. She also disconnects from the world to experience her own space, whereas I connect with the world to experience my own space. She creates things that are physical conceptualizations of her creativity, selling physical products. That is her 2 line. I am all about relational connection, teaching, wisdom and leadership. So I create services that allow me to share that teaching and to share that wisdom and to make those networked connections with people. That is my 4 and 6 line.

We operate very differently, even though we are probably 95%, exactly the same. We can celebrate each other. We can experience joy and delight with each other for all of the ways that we are different and can use it as this space to find more love for each other and ourselves. I am different from you, and I love you even more for how different you are from me. We can both be expanders for each other.

Taking this understanding for these other Manifestors in your life is going to be powerful. You don’t need to be the same as everyone else, and everyone else doesn’t need to be the same as you, even if they are a Manifestor.

5. Informing each other is an act of love

Now, one final little thing before we go is the dreaded informing. It shows up in nearly every blog post doesn’t it? We can’t get past it!

I have to bring up the technique and the strategy of informing in relationships with other Manifestors because it is so pivotal in the way we connect. Remember that informing is about helping people see into our closed aura. This is a gift that we give to other people, and it’s hard for Manifestors to do this. (For more teaching on informing, check out this podcast episode!)

If you have a Manifestor in your life who is struggling with informing, you can gift them by informing them. Tell them what you are thinking, what you are feeling, what you are dreaming, what you are sensing, what you are desiring.

By being this example of informing, you are giving them permission, safety and comfort in also informing. You are creating a safe space for informing to be practiced and mastered. Which Manifestor doesn’t feel that as love?

But additionally, when a Manifestor informs you, remember the gift they are offering. Respond to it with the respect it deserves. You can respond and keep them in the loop. If they have said “Hey, I’m initiating this new thing and I feel really nervous about it”, respond to it with support and encouragement. That is the gift that you are giving from the outside. Reflection. You’re giving them an understanding and identification of the impact that they are having by informing. When they inform, they get what they need. When you inform, you get what you need too.

I like to view informing all the Manifestors in my life as a simple ‘Keeping you in the loop’. When somebody keeps you in the loop it feels so light and easy, right? It seems to bring an effortlessness to the communication. I feel a sense of freedom. I can carry on and do whatever it is that I was going to do, knowing that people around me are aware of it and totally okay with it.

So in a connection with another Manifestor, you need to be doing that for them. Even if it is the blunt honesty of saying,

“Hey, I'm tired. I don't want to talk. I'm going to respond to this later”.

Do you have other Manifestors in your life? What have you learned about interacting with them? What challenges or expansions have you experienced from your two Manifestor souls coming together? Feel free to share in the blog comments!


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