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One of the first things to understand about being a Manifestor in Human Design is how to work with your energy cycles. This is something that most Human Design teachings and teachers don’t talk about in depth, but there’s truly so much to learn about! I’ve spent years researching and experimenting around energy cycles to be able to teach to my students at a more comprehensive level. This blog post will help you understand how your energy works so you can start trusting it more and living in greater alignment with your design. 


Manifestor Energy Cycles Overview 

To start with the basics, all Manifestors have two things happening in their charts. One, a direct or indirect connection between a motor center and the throat center. Two, an undefined or open sacral center (aka, being “non-sacral”). If you don’t know what that means, but you just know you’re a Manifestor, that’s totally okay! For the purposes of today, you don’t need to have your chart memorized, but I do want to tell you what this special configuration means. 

First of all, you have a motor center connected to the throat center. This is the energy that allows Manifestors to create in and of themselves instead of needing to wait like Generators, Projectors and Reflectors. The motor center (or centers) you have defined carry a specific energy of power, whether that is willpower, emotional power, or root/adrenalized pressure power. You also have a defined throat, which represents manifestation and bringing new things into reality. With a line of energy between a motor and the throat, you can create powerfully. 

However, you also have an undefined sacral center, which means you do not have consistent access to life force energy. 


When you put these two traits together, you can see that you won’t have consistent daily energy that you wake up with every morning, but rather intense bursts of energy that can be used when a Creative Urge has turned up the dial on one of your motor centers and that energy is rushing to create through your defined throat. If you don’t totally understand some of this terminology, no worries. I’m about to share with you what this means minus the bodygraph details!


Intro to Creative Cycles

When you have a burst of energy that wants to be moved into creation, I call this a Creative Urge. (You can read more about Creative Urges here). A Creative Urge generally kicks off what I call your Creative Cycle, the time where your motorized throat energy is coming through loud and clear and you have all the energy you need to Initiate and create something new in your life or in the world. This is the masculine part of the Manifestor energy cycle, which carries an energy of “Don’t get in my way! I’m making something new here!” This is energy that really impresses people around you because you can accomplish in a few hours, days or weeks what it takes others months to get done! 


Intro to Rest Cycles

On the other hand, you also have Rest Cycles. These are times when you do not have the get-up-and-go energy (and may not look as impressive to the people around you!). The truth is that you ARE doing in days or weeks what it takes others months or years to accomplish. Once that creation has gotten off the ground, you don’t have the extra energy to spare! You’ll experience deep rest right after a Creative Cycle and then that will transition into a phase of the rest cycle where you aren’t exhausted, but are restoring your energy to get ready for the next Creative Cycle. On average, you’ll be spending 80% of your time in a rest cycle and 20% of your time in a creative cycle. 



You’re Different From Everyone Else!

One of the tough things about being a Manifestor is that the vast majority of the population doesn’t really understand you. They are waiting for you to Initiate and impact them, but they don’t understand you! So while it might seem like a cute idea that you could work with your cycles in such a way that you work two days a week and rest five days a week, then rinse and repeat, your energy just doesn’t work like that. 

You have a direct connection to the unconscious of the collective, which is what gives you the energy to birth new things into the world. This means that you may have several short Creative and Rest Cycles back to back, followed by a months long Rest Cycle, then a medium Creative Cycle, then another short Rest Cycle, a burst of Creation, followed by a really long Rest Cycle and a really huge Creative Cycle! The length of the Rest Cycle will generally correlate with how big the next Creative Urge and Cycle is, you just never know what is going to come next. This means you have to have deep trust and cultivate flexibility in your life that allows you to go with the flow of your energy. It’s also helpful to have people around you that understand how your energy works and don’t criticize you when you are resting! Likely, you’ll have to educate them on this yourself, or send them something like A Guide to Manifestors


Working with Your Energy Cycles


When you are in a Creative Cycle

When you are in a Creative Cycle, you want to clear the way as much as possible for you to feel supported to be in your flow. Inform anyone around you that will be impacted by your need to create in solitude and get them on board to support you taking this space. That might look like having your meals delivered in, or leaving your home to go work at an AirBnb for a weekend. It might look like hiring a housecleaner or letting things fall to the wayside for a bit while you create. Don’t feel guilty about this! You are literally making space to do what you came on Earth to do. 


During your Rest Cycle

During your Rest Cycle, you want to do what feels right in your body. You might nap, take gentle walks, listen to music or podcasts and eat really good food. Sleep in, binge watch Netflix, whatever you need to do to turn off and restore. You might do some gardening, or take a trip to be out in nature. Depending on your level of energy, your personality and your interests, the rest cycle will look unique to you! The more you let yourself follow these cycles, the easier it will be to trust that your energy will return again, especially if you let yourself truly rest in between, so please do take the risk and give yourself some proper rest. Your body and your future Creative Urges depend on it!



Want to learn more about Energy Cycles?
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You’ll learn: 

  • Common Challenges during the Creative Cycle
  • The mechanics of your “Creation Tether”
  • The specific kinds of energy that come from your defined motor centers
  • Challenges you’ll encounter during the Rest Cycle
  • Symptoms of the Sacral Hangover
  • How to practice informing to feel more supported in your Energy Cycles


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