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Over the last couple of months I’ve been in the longest rest cycle I can remember, which has been frustrating at times, but also given me a lot of time to reflect.

It’s been nostalgic and incredibly humbling to look back on my journey from there to here.

The me a decade ago was angry, but pretending she wasn’t.

The me from three years ago, I was curious about Human Design, but still trying to make her business work like a generator (cue: burnout and more anger).

And while I feel more aligned to my purpose than ever – it looks NOTHING like I thought it would all those years ago.

In 2019, I walked away from the six-figure coaching business I had poured my blood, sweat and tears into so I could follow an urge to create teaching products for Manifestors.

In true splenic style, I acted on the nudge before I got the exact details of what was next. And when I then got the urge to create the first Manifestor Masterclass, I also didn’t realise it would eventually turn into an actual library of resources specifically for Manifestors.

If you’re a Manifestor in business, or aspiring to be in business, here’s what I want you to know:


Don’t try to follow someone else’s rules. Even (dare I say it) other Manifestors. We’re all here to do it our way, and while of course you can learn from other people (and I encourage you to do so), following a formula or trying something because it worked for someone else in business usually doesn’t feel that great for a Manifestors, and has hit and miss results.

Rest. Act on your creative urge. Repeat.


Being a Manifestor means you will experience doubt.

Doubt is a normal part of being human, but as a Manifestor, you’re likely experiencing doubt on STEROIDS. Why? Because you’re here to go FIRST.

You are receiving creative urges that are unconsciously tethered to the needs of the collective, and whether people know it or not, they NEED what you’re creating.

Sometimes, perhaps very often, your urges will not make sense.

Don’t wait for all the details to come through before you initiate. Allow your creative urges to surprise you, and

Being in business has everything to do with learning to be ok with (or even enjoying) the mystery of what’s next. If we try to plan it all out and do what we think is right (or even what other people need us to do) it makes us angry, and ultimately – doesn’t work out.


Trust the money will come.
Trust the support will show up.
Trust your urges.
Trust your body knows when to rest.

You’re here to initiate people, projects, ideas, movements, transformation, thinking, conversations, relationships. Anything and everything.

Don’t think too hard about trying to initiate big things though – because when you do it Mani, it is big. At least for someone.

And let’s be honest – anything you’re going to create is not only going to be cool and unique, but IMPACTFUL. Even if others aren’t ready for it yet.

Until next time!

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