How to get over your Generator conditioning as a Manifestor

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As human beings, we all experience conditioning. Conditioning is any thought, belief or behavioural pattern which is incongruent with our true nature.

As non-sacral beings, Manifestors (along with Projectors and Reflectors) experience significant conditioning through our open or undefined sacral centre.

Because 70% of society doesn’t experience this, it’s not often talked about or discussed outside of the Human Design realm.

I decided to talk about this because although I’ve spent a lot of energy on deconditioning (which can be extremely intense), sacral conditioning has shown itself again over the last couple of weeks.

This is because conditioning never leaves us – we’re always open to it through our undefined centres. But, we don’t need to be drowned under it or continue under the pattern of behaviour. We just need to bring kindness and acceptance to it, so it can be healed.

And sacral conditioning in particular will continue to come up because we’re usually surrounded by Generators and Manifesting Generators.

They are not deliberately trying to condition us, but due to the sheer number of them we easily get caught up in their ways of being and doing in the world and automatically take on their expectations.

The sacral centre is the large square in the middle of your chart, second from the bottom. As non-sacral beings, our sacral centre is open or undefined (white) and in Generators and Manifesting Generators it is defined (coloured in).

This means that Manifestors (along with Projectors and Reflectors) don’t have consistent access to sacral energy in the way that Generators and Manifesting Generators do.


The Sacral Centre is the most significant physical motor energy. The energy emitted from this centre (when defined) is rhythmic, strong and punchy. The sacral is also energetically responsible for creativity, reproduction, sexuality, sense of productivity, satisfaction and completion.

To not have consistent access to this means as Manifestors, we don’t have consistent access to physical energy, creativity, or the voice that tells us to complete something so we feel satisfied.

This, along with our role in the collective to initiate, is what really determines the irregular energy cycle of Manifestors and the way we get spurts of creativity and urge to do something and then need a lot of rest.


On a daily basis, more often than not a Manifestor will need to rest and be instead of working. More often than not you will want to stop rather than keep going to complete things.

As Manifestors, we have had the experience of 70% of society having consistent access to this energy and feeling this is normal.

And even all our social structures are built upon this expectation. For example, the 9-5 workday, 40-50 hr work week creates a routine, regulated experience of life that just doesn’t work with Manifestor energy.

And because of this, we often experience a lot of conditioning around our sacral and believe we need to behave like a Generator (and if we don’t there is something wrong with us). We start to think we should

  • Have the ability to show up consistently (or we’re out of alignment)
  • Be able to complete (and feel satisfied when we do)

As Manifestors, we do not feel satisfied when we complete something, and are driven to NOT complete things. The weight of our energy goes into kickstarting, initiating and birthing new things into the world, not finishing them.

Then, we need to retreat and rest and handover the thing we have created to someone who can complete it.

When we force ourselves to do this as a way to not rock the boat and be like everyone else and not step on any toes, we experience a physical and mental impact. This can look like:

  • Feeling really tired and ANGRY
  • Debilitating fatigue
  • Putting ourselves energetically in a place where we can’t hear our inner voice
  • Triggered into not-self theme of anger

Our anger can be projected at the external world (interrupting you, forcing you to be a certain way) or we can take it internal and create resentment towards our life.

In essence: Manifestors don’t feel satisfied when we are forced to behave like a Generator. We feel debilitatingly fatigued and can’t produce anything of value.


Start by clearing up the mess and taking more time to rest. This can look like watching netflix, journaling and reading, napping or anything else which you feel called to do. Just not working or producing!

If you know you have Generator conditioning, or notice it starting to come up, take this as your invitation to stop behaving like Generator or come back into alignment.

If you are reading this and having a lightbulb moment of seeing where you’re still perpetuating this sacral conditioning, bring kindness and acceptance to your experience. Choose to see this as your moment of awareness and make the decision now that this will not be the daily existence.

Mani, you are not here to be like everyone else or do what everyone else does. You’re here to follow your creative urges and allow that to be good enough.

You’re here to rest and honour your inner voice and creative urges.

This is the energy that your soul chose for you in this lifetime. So stop putting energy into trying to be like everyone else, and start putting that energy into alignment as a Manifestor

Because without you even trying, you impact the world around you. And that is, and always will be enough.

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