How To Work With Your Emotional Wave As A Manifestor

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The moment you first pull up your Human Design chart can feel overwhelming. All those numbers, squiggly shapes and lines? No thank you. But once you start to dig into the layers, the experience shifts. You’re a Manifestor? Oh wow! You have a 6/2 profile? So cool! And your inner authority is Emotional?


The Emotional Wave is among one of the trickiest elements of a design to align with. It is simply so at odds with how you have always been taught to make decisions and experience the world.

When you are a Manifestor and you are here to move quickly from one thing to the next, how the heck does a slow and deep Emotional Wave even work for you? That is precisely what this blog post is here to answer for you.

With over 80% of our Manifestor community being Emotional authority, this is one area you are guaranteed to have to dive into mastery with. It is time to learn how to really work with your Emotional authority as a Manifestor.

If you are an Emotional authority, this is a really great one for you. If you are not an Emotional authority but perhaps you have someone in your life who is and you just want to understand more about it, this is also an amazing place of learning for you.

What Is Emotional Authority?

Having an Emotional authority means that you have a defined Emotional center. The inner authorities in Human Design are formed from one of 7 possible energy centers in your chart. The 7 inner authorities all exist in the energy centers below the Throat center. The Head and the Ajna center are never inner authorities.

The inner authority is the decision maker in your Human Design chart. It holds the theme of energy that tells you how you are aligned to make decisions. Not everyone is designed the same.

Our authorities come in a hierarchy system, with the Emotional center being number 1 on the list. This means that it doesn’t matter what energy type you are (you can be a Generator, a Manifesting Generator, a Projector or a Manifestor), if you have a defined Emotional center then your inner authority is Emotional.

If you have an undefined/open Emotional center, you move to the next option in the hierarchy.

The other inner authorities are Sacral, Ego, Splenic (from the Spleen), G Center (which is a self projected authority), Sounding Board Authority or Mental Authority (only for our Mental Projectors) and finally Lunar Authority (for our Reflectors).

Emotional authority means you make decisions based on the Emotional Wave. This is an emotional experience which is a consistent, almost rhythmic repeating pattern of your emotions. Your emotions run on an internal circuitry, which means they are not affected by other people. You are not experiencing the emotions of others. You are only experiencing your own emotions, but these can be very intense.

Emotional waves are a looping circuit that is always moving over and over. You can have dozens of different emotions in that emotional wave, but those are all your own and they are always consistent. What you are feeling does not need to be correlated to what is happening in the environment around you. You may be celebrating a big achievement, and feel sad.

When making decisions, you need to be honoring that emotional wave. You are not designed to make decisions at the peaks or lows of the wave. You are not here to make decisions based on the intensity of the emotion you feel. What your wave is seeking is clarity or neutrality. Put simply, this means you have felt all the highs and you have felt all the lows. The highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows. When you arrive at the place of being emotionally neutral, with no more highs or lows, the clarity to make your decision exists.

It is as though the wave has now reached the shore. You are no longer riding the wave, no longer in the thick of it, and you are ready to be a bit objective about it. From this place of emotional neutrality you can see and sense what the best decision is to be made. You can listen to your authority clearly.

The beautiful thing about Emotional authorities is that you can be so convicted of a particular decision at the beginning of your wave and two days later the decision is the polar opposite, but just as convicted as the first. That is because there is a real potency to Emotional authorities. The journey is about honoring the wave and riding it all the way through. It isn’t a goal of neutrality, it is an honoring of all the wave is here to bring you, so that you can arrive at neutrality. There is so much wisdom in the wave that provides you with an amazing strength in making decisions.

Why Is Emotional Authority So Hard?

There is always a deconditioning process to aligning with your Emotional authority. We have been very socially programmed to make decisions with our minds. Shifting into the understanding of needing to connect with the emotions in your body rather than discard them can be quite challenging. But ultimately, there is a level of acceptance in that journey.

As an Emotional Manifestor, understanding that you are not here to think through your decisions, allows you to accept that your human experience includes you being intensely emotional. It is correct for you to make decisions from that intense emotional capacity, as long as you can arrive at neutrality before making the final call. Accepting your authority gives you the ability to step into alignment.

For many people, it is a journey of self acceptance and allowance. You are not ‘too emotional’, but rather, you are very emotionally aware.

The joy of Emotional authority in comparison to other authorities, is that it provides a deeper sense of solid ground in your decisions. You will not experience complete certainty, even when you arrive at emotional neutrality and clarity. Especially as a Manifestor, complete certainty is not on the cards for you. But allowing your wave to flow does provide an end experience that feels more solid in your decisions. From speaking to Emotional authorities, the decision point is feeling about 80% certainty in your choice.

Manifestors and Emotional Authority

In Manifestors, we come down to 3 authorities. A Manifestor can be an Emotional authority, Splenic authority or an Ego authority.

Piecing it together for the Manifestors, the Emotional Authority is first. If you have a defined Emotional center, you are an Emotional Manifestor.

If you have an undefined Emotional center but a defined Spleen, you are a Splenic Manifestor.

If you have an undefined Emotional and an undefined Spleen, but a defined Ego center, you are an Ego Manifestor.

Our Emotional Manifestors are the most common because the vast majority of society are defined Emotional beings. Therefore, the same is true amongst Manifestors. Even though we are only 9% of the population, more than 80% of Manifestors are Emotional authorities.

As an Emotional Manifestor, you are incredibly emotionally intelligent, emotionally intense, and decisions about your creative urges (and all other decisions) need to be made emotionally in collaboration with your wave. This is a very different experience of decision making compared to a Splenic or an Ego Manifestor.

Emotional Manifestors need to wait a bit longer than other Manifestors. The decision making process is slower than the intuitive impulse of a Splenic Manifestor, or the voice processing of an Ego Manifestor. So, how do you manage when your Manifestor nature wants you to jump at your urge? Where are the benefits for you?

The Emotional wave is often referred to as ‘waiting for clarity’. Using the word clarity, particularly when it comes to Emotional Manifestors, kind of muddies the waters and makes it difficult because Manifestors often don’t have clarity. A Manifestor urge doesn’t come with a clear plan or a clear sense of exactly why we have decided what we’ve decided or why we want it or why we’re going to initiate it. Manifestors live in a space of divinity and intuition. Our space is a knowledge that our body is the vessel that allows us to initiate truly mysterious things. The better term for Emotional Manifestors is to wait for ‘neutrality’. It isn’t full clarity, but it is an endpoint to the movement of the wave. When the emotions stop moving up and down, neutrality provides you a place to make the decision. This can be a day or more, even up to a week.

Emotional Manifestors can get stuck in the loop of waiting because clarity never really comes. As an Emotional Manifestor, let’s say you are deciding whether to invest in an expensive program. You have taken that decision on board, you have sat with it for 2 days, 3 days, a week, and you felt all of the excitement and anticipation and huge feelings, but you’ve also felt the anxiety, the confusion, the doubts, the fear and the overwhelm. When those emotions calm down, make the decision. The perfect feeling of certainty is not going to arrive.

You may feel approximately 80% certain, but it will not ever be a foolproof guarantee.

While that may feel challenging, understand that for Splenic or Ego Manifestors, there is even less certainty. As an Emotional Manifestor, when you have ridden that wave and you’ve waited all the way through that, by the time you reach neutrality and clarity, the decision feels so much more solid. You have ridden through everything with this decision, through all the excitement and through all the fear, you have taken your time, you have done the waiting and there is a firmness in the ground underneath you as a Manifestor making these decisions. It means, at least in a small way, you experience less doubt with your decisions than the Splenic or Ego Manifestors.

The key here is that you can look at your frustration with needing to wait through the Emotional wave from a slightly different angle. Instead of the mindset of “This is being forced on me to wait, I have this burden of journeying through my emotions, this is so much harder for me, it slows me down, it limits me”, you can see the waiting as an investment.

You are investing this time now so that you are saving yourself later. Making a decision at the beginning of your emotional wave (or anytime before reaching neutrality), you are likely to make a decision that is potentially out of alignment for you. This can land you 10 steps down the road only to realize “Actually, this wasn’t right for me, this was not what I needed, this was not correct for me and now I need to backtrack, I need to now pull down this this thing that I’ve built, I need to dismantle it all, I need to come back down to the studs, back down to Ground Zero and I need to go again, I’ve wasted all of this time and all of this energy doing something that was never designed for me to be doing”.

By honoring your emotional wave, you save yourself from having that experience. By honoring this waiting period, you are investing in your own wisdom, your own alignment, and your own ability for fulfillment. Why? Because your inner authority, regardless of which center it is, is always making a magnetically aligned decision for you to be most fulfilled. Your inner authority is guiding you towards the decisions that are always fulfilling for you, guiding you on the path of your higher purpose in ways that your mind cannot do. Even if it doesn’t make sense, your authority knows what it is doing. As an Emotional Manifesto, you have that experience in a deep emotional intensity. That is an incredibly beautiful thing.

There is a depth of wisdom Emotional Manifestors hold that other Manifestor types do not. As a Splenic Manifestor myself, I’m moving so quickly that sometimes I miss my authority. I miss that intuitive voice from my Spleen and I don’t make an aligned decision which gets me into trouble. But your Emotional authority? It gives you a supportive fail-safe. As long as you are acknowledging your emotions and waiting for that emotional neutrality, then every decision that you make is going to be really aligned for you. You won’t miss out on anything at all. You are simply investing now to keep yourself in alignment in the future.

Are you an Emotional authority? Feel free to share your experience in the comments!

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