The Beginner's Guide to Informing as a Manifestor

By now, you probably know that your strategy as a Manifestor is “To Inform.” But what does that actually mean? How do you do it? Here is your Beginner’s Guide to Informing as a Manifestor in a post!

This post is for you if:

  • you’re a Manifestor new to Human Design
  • an experienced Manifestor circling back and taking informing seriously.

In this post I am breaking down what informing is, what isn’t, why you need it and how to get started. So strap in! This technique is going to change your life, mani (if you could only just remember to do it!)

Remembering to inform isn’t just a joke, it’s a true struggle for us! As you may have experienced, informing is not a natural strategy for Manifestors. This is why so many of us have a hard time putting it into practice. In comparison, Generators and Manifesting Generators, have the strategy of response built into their energy systems and bodies.

Ra Uru Hu said that initiating is our true strategy as Manifestos. But he also said that Informing as Manifestor is just a technique to make initiating easier. Left to our own devices, we would stay in our non-verbal creative flow! Picking up downloads from the Universe and initiating them into the world without resistance. But alas! There are people around us that don’t always get on board with our initiations. Unless we grease the wheels a bit!

Greasing the wheels is exactly what informing exists for. It’s a technique that supports our true natural strategy of initiating and bringing new things into the world.


Informing is a technique that allows us Manifestors to break through our closed aura. It also allows us to connect with the people around us. Without informing, nobody knows (not even the universe!) what we’re thinking or planning. Hoping for, dreaming of, envisioning, desiring to create, or literally about to do. As Manifestors, we have big energy and a closed aura that the people around us are impacted by. They just can’t get a sense or understand us same way they can with the other +90% of the population. With most types, other feel openness. But, when they come across Manifestors it feels like a solid brick wall. This leaves them in the dark unless we open up a doorway for them.

By informing, we give people a glimpse inside of our process and make them more comfortable with our energy.

They will either get behind our initiation and support us in some way, (even if that’s just leaving us alone to do our thing!) or they still won’t understand, but it will nevertheless energetically sweep them out of the way so they don’t pushback when they initiate new things into the world, but informing sets the interfere with our process. Many Manifestors are used to getting a lot of stage for your initiations to be easier and meet less resistance from the people around you that are going to be impacted by what you are doing.

So, what exactly is informing for a Manifestor?

Informing for us Manifestor is simply taking your inner monologue and making it an outer verbal expression. You take the filter away and share out loud, with your voice, what you think, feel, sense, want, don’t want, are planning, envisioning, and are doing behind the scenes! As a result, it opens that doorway in your brick wall of an aura so other people and the Universe can see you more clearly.


Just telling people your plan

Here’s the problem with this common advice. You’re almost never going to have a plan that you can tell people about! You are downloading new concepts, programs and initiations from the Universe and don’t necessarily have a step by step process in mind. That is totally normal. The thing is, you don’t have to have a plan in order to inform, you just have to have the first step. This could look like, “I’m working on something big and I know I need to have some quiet space to do it. I’m thinking about going on a little solo trip for a day or two next weekend.”

Asking for permission

As Manifestors, unless we’re children, informing isn’t about asking for permission.You don’t need to end your informing statements with a question! I realized that when I was trying to inform my children, I was actually asking them and it didn’t work! I changed, “Hey guys, I need you to get dressed this morning. Is that aligned with my natural energy, and worked so much better for all of us. Pay okay?” to “I want you to get dressed now,” which was much clearer, more attention to the words you are using to inform. You aren’t here to seek other people’s permission to bring your creative urges into the world!

Criticizing others

Using your voice to criticize others isn’t the same thing as informing. Informing is about what YOU are doing, not about what other people are doing. Practice living by your values, sharing from your heart and your perspective and what you are choosing to do, rather than criticizing others for what they are choosing to do.

Throwing our anger around

When you get interrupted or your boundaries are crossed, it’s super common for that classic Manifestor anger to rear up! In this case, you will likely need to inform, but you’ll want to do it with more finesse than just throwing your anger our voices as they have great impact. When you’re angry, it’s a clue to see if around! Though no one is perfect, we need to take responsibility for how we use somewhere along the way you didn’t inform when you could have. Rectify the situation by taking time to cool off and then determining what the best way to inform is now, from a place of taking responsibility for yourself and communicating clearly, with care, and in a way that you can stand behind days, weeks or years from now. Of course, you’re human and you won’t be perfect at this, but we can try, right?

Telling people what to do

Manifestor, Informing is about telling other people what you are going to do, not what they are going to do for you or how they are going to respond! (Unless we’re talking about your children, in which case, there are times that you are going to need to tell them what to do!) You get to live your design and other people get to live theirs. How they respond to you and how they support you (or not) is entirely up to them. You have to trust that the built-in energy of your creative urge will take care of who is magnetized to you and who is repelled by you. It isn’t up to you to direct that. However, if you feel consistently unsupported and belittled by your partner, friends or collaborators... you may want to question if those relationships are really aligned or not!


If you are new to the practice of Informing as a Manifestor and want to make rapid progress, I recommend you try this experiment. Here’s how it works. Inform (aka, speak out loud) about EVERYTHING for an entire week. Share all your thoughts, all your feelings, and all your desires out loud. Speak to yourself in the car, speak to yourself in the shower, speak to yourself walking about the house and definitely speak to the Universe. It’s a little known fact that even the Universe can’t see through your closed aura, so when you speak out loud to it it helps the universe align to support you.

You’ll also want to speak out loud and inform the people around you when they will be affected by what you’re doing, even when what you’re saying is “I don’t want to inform right now, but here’s what I know so far.” From working with Manifestor clients as well as personal experience, my bet is that things are going to start flowing a lot more easefully for you! Please email me with your progress or, if you’ve bought one of my programs before, share in The Manifestor Network Facebook group!

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