The Manifestor Role in the Collective

Ready to learn more about the Manifestor role in the collective? This blog post will help you understand the power and purpose of the Manifestor. Plus, how their unique role in the collective has changed over time. Find out where we’ve been, where we’re going and what that means for Manifestor (or the ones in your life!)


Manifestors of the past were the movers and shakers of the world. They were doing things like building cities, running governments and monarchies. Manifestors had big influence because they were the energy type that could create something from nothing. Manifestors of the past would receive an Urge to create and begin the creation. They will share their vision with others who would then respond and want to be part of that vision. Or, as we all are aware, be compelled to be part of their creation because of race, class or gender.

In the Human Design system, everything is a binary. Meaning that it can be expressed in both a healthy and an unhealthy way. There are Manifestors throughout history on both sides of this coin. But the important thing to know is they were powerful.

As society got created and suited for the majority of the population (Generators and Manifesting Generators) the Manifestors without a lot of power had a hard time fitting into this sacral world. This has led to many Manifestors retreating to privacy to lick their wounds. They feel like they are falling short of what everyone else wants them to be. Short of what they deep down in their souls know is possible for them.


The truth is, the world doesn’t need us to build the foundation of society anymore. It already exists, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a role for us! Though guiding humanity more efficiently is a job that Projectors are taking over. Manifestors still have the power to create the new, (Initiating something from nothing) and that can happen in several ways.


It’s likely quite clear to you that in many places in the world, the foundations of society that have been built aren’t healthy or refined. They were created in a paradigm of greed, patriarchy and controlling people. Rather than letting them 

follow their design and use their natural gifts and talents. It does not surprise me at all when Manifestors in my world get Urges that involve updating the foundations of society. To be more aligned with love, acceptance, sustainability, peace, higher consciousness and more freedom. You can think of us as the next generation Manifestors, using our initiating power for good.

Depending on your circuitry, gates and lines, you might focus more on the individual, the small community (like tribes, families and neighborhoods), the societal or the collective as a whole. This can look like starting movements and blazing new trails that individuals, communities and our systems will catch up to. Gloria Steinem is an example of a Manifestor in this space. Originally a journalist, she became a leader in the feminist movement, speaking, lecturing and starting a new feminist publication called Ms. Magazine and later on, an organization that “works to make women visible and powerful in the media.” Al Gore is another Manifestor that was really in his role in creating An Inconvenient Truth, one of the first big documentaries to bring the importance of addressing climate change to the general public.


Some Manifestors are vessels for art, poetry and inspiration. They may live more solitary or quiet lives, translating their emotions, intuitions and connection to the 5D into poetry, art, music, books, stories or content that feeds their spirit first and foremost and then goes out and connects with others. Frida Kahlo, Maya Angelou and Patti Smith are examples of artist Manifestors that translated their personal experiences, as well as what they saw, into groundbreaking art and moving prose, music and poetry that has impacted millions of people around the used his voice to share his personal experiences and observations, creating a world. On a lighter note, the comedian Jerry Seinfeld is also a Manifestor and successful comedy career and one of the most watched tv shows in television history, Seinfeld.


A Manifestor is almost always the one to go first and bring new forms into the world. Whether that’s in art, legislation, education, tech, fashion or another sector; Manifestors create things that have never existed before. As long as they can have enough space and peace to do their thing, Manifestors will bring new concepts, ideas, connections and inventions to the world.

In this category, a lot of Manifestors in my community that I’ve invited to come teach with me come to mind. Whether they are starting a product business Mockeridge, The Pelvicpreneur helping other physical therapists help their clients based in Human Design (like Rubeena Ianigro’s The Aura Market) or Claire with pelvic floor dysfunction using her techniques and methodology. This category can be applied no matter what kind of Manifestor you are. Do not be afraid to start something you’ve never seen before, it’s literally what you are here to do!


Though these three categories cover a lot of ground, you are the Manifestor and you don’t need to fit into any one box! You are uniquely designed and have an individual connection with creativity that wants to work through you. The most important thing is to follow your strategy and authority. Rest enough to make space for your Creative Urges to come through and get used to being the one that goes first, Initiating new things into the world that no one has ever seen before. Once you have Initiated, your job is done as a Manifestor. Now you can rest and move onto the next thing.

At the end of the day, our signature as Manifestors is to be at peace. When we are free to create what and when we want to create, we impact the world with our work and find the right balance for ourselves on a personal level. Pay attention to what brings you peace. Initiate what you must initiate, bring it to life and trust that you are fulfilling your unique role in the collective.

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