What is a creative urge for a Manifestor

Ever felt like your body is exploding with need to do something, but you don’t know what it is?

It feels like a creative urge...but none of the details are there. It’s as if the energy is chaotic, and needs something to focus on in order to be “spent”.

I had this just the other day. I’ve been in a rest cycle for approximately 3 months (all the initiations you see are from months ago and brought to life by my awesome team) and I had this intense urge to DO after months of resting.

I checked in with my spleen – nothing.

I went for a walk – still nothing.

It was getting pretty frustrating until I just surrendered. If I needed to know, then I would.

So instead of seeing what this creative urge was for, I simply asked my body – what would you most love to do right now?

And the answer surprised me. It wasn’t related to a creative urge (at first) but once I’d followed my intuition, all the details of the urge started to flow...

The universe works in mysterious ways, and often what we think will be one thing turns out to be completely different.

Here’s how to tell whether it’s a creative urge, an idea or your conditioning getting in the way of resting.


The difference between an idea and a creative urge is how it feels in your body. An idea will feel somewhat exciting, but you won’t feel pulled to create it. Often I know when I get an idea because I’ll start seeing the logic in it (and being splenic, my creative urges are never logical or make sense at the beginning).

An idea will make sense from the start, whereas an urge likely won’t. You can feel or sense that the idea maybe came from being inspired by someone else, whereas an urge often feels completely new and different to what has been created before.

You’re here to follow your creative urges – not your ideas. Ideas come and go, whereas creative urges often stick around, and pull us towards them. Trust the pull.


As Manifestors, our conditioning can get in the way of us actually resting when we need to. The society we currently live in is very much built for generators (classic example being the 9-5 work day), and the amount of rest we need as Manifestors, in the way that we need it, often doesn’t seem appropriate.

Our mind can convince us we need to work or do something, when in actual fact the most productive thing we can do when we’re tired is to rest.

You’ll know when you’re in conditioning by the way you feel. Your energy will be a bit erratic, or there is this restlessness, your mind looking for something to do or focussing on the external “busy-ness”. When you drop a bit deeper, you may be able to hear the inner voices of your conditioning as self-critical. This is especially tricky for those with an undefined root, because you’ll be absorbing the stress and conditioning from those around you.


You will know it’s a creative urge when you feel a physical urge to do something, that comes from a place of ease and rest. It will seem illogical – and will most likely be accompanied by doubt and uncertainty.

Your mind may go searching for people who have done something like this before – but there won’t be anyone. Most importantly, you will feel a sense of excitement in your body. Splenic authorities you may just hear the voice once, but for bigger urges sometimes it happens twice or recurring. Emotional Mani’s you’ll have completed your wave, feel spaciou and open and it will come as a physical urge to create. Ego mani’s you’ll feel this but need to talk it out to yourself, or someone else.

If you want to go deeper into creative urges, we have a 90-minute in depth teaching on exactly this topic called Manifestor Masterclass #4 – Understanding Creative Urges, where you will learn exactly how you can start them as a Manifestor.

This masterclass includes:

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