Emi Hosotsuji

Expansive Evolution with Emi - Guide for Personal and Systems Transformation

I am a woman of colour, a child of Japanese immigrants, living in Canada, raised in both cultural contexts.

Offers: A live or recorded 1:1 video reading

Specialties: Foundation and introductory reading of human design, healing readings and manifestation readings.

Contact: [email protected]

Instagram: @expansive.evolution

Language: English

Price: $200 (USD)



Learn More about Emi

Emi is a 2/5 Splenic Manifestor. She is a guide for personal and systems transformation. She has experience approaching change and evolution from many angles. She combines her wealth of experience as a group process facilitator, community organizer, and innovation coordinator with her rich personal experiences of healing through trauma, and navigating systemic oppression as a woman of colour being raised in North America. Ultimately, her passion is to support her clients along their journeys of expansive evolution. She is a natural systems thinker and critically understands how the world around us has influenced us to become people we weren't meant to be. She loves using Human Design to remind clients about their true nature, so that they can step into their most fulfilled and expansive selves. Her vision is to live in a world filled with people who are living in alignment with their nature, thereby making this world a more just, thriving, safe and joyful place to live in.


"It was a delightful discovery journey, this human design reading with Emi. Her care was felt through in the design of the report, how she explained different concepts, pulling in her own experiences and real-life examples. I gained clarity of my type, how I can align and make best use of my energy and network. My takeaway from the reading was: 'Be good and tell it' and I have been applying that ever since."

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