Ever questioned whether you should buy a product that looks amazing, but you just don’t really know what you’re getting? Yep, me too!


You can grab this totally free behind-the-scenes look into EVERYTHING that is included in Manifestor Mastery before you buy & get added to the waitlist!


In addition to the behind the scenes video walkthrough, we have also released THREE of the teaching videos directly from the content.

Get the Video Walkthrough here!

"The MMC course is nothing short of AMAZING! Holly is an incredible mentor & I found her way of articulating information BEAUTIFUL!! Her energy is also so very calming & peaceful which makes listening to her teaching that much more enjoyable! I completely recommend this course to any Manifestor. It REVEALS EVERYTHING you could think of about being a Manifestor, they really don't miss a thing!! You won't regret purchasing the course. Thank you Holly &team, this has been an incredible journey & I TRULY feel so much more EQUIPPED to take on the world and sell my business to the perfect clients now!!... On my own TIME, with my own RULES, the MANIFESTOR way lol :)))"

- Phoebe

"It has kind of changed everything in my life and the way I go about it! You have put into words what I always felt I was, but felt very wrong about (comparing myself to the rest of the world) Now I feel safe and secure in being me. So with everything I do I integrate my new knowledge. I can’t really pinpoint anything as it is all of it. Everything resonated with me, HD and this MMC has been a game changer"


"The depth of knowledge and the way that form and function complemented each other are the two things I found most brilliant about this course. As 7-9% of the population, the world doesn’t actually support our design-and worse!-it uses language like it does-so, as Manifestors we are constantly having to use so much energy to inform &/or put up with projections, being subtly gaslit, & not getting our needs met. This experience supported my design and gave me a beautiful balance between flow & structure to meet my personal goals as a student"


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