You want or need a job right now...but how do you do it when your energy is so unlike everyone else?!

What the hell do you do as a Manifestor trying to make a steady paycheck and be at peace? Let me show you.

This is a pre-recorded, 90 minute Masterclass on Navigating Workplaces as a Manifestor. Inside are the solutions to initiating a harmonious workplace (even if you aren't the boss!)

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Navigating Workplaces Masterclass


Does any of this sound familiar?

- You got hired for your fierceness and strong energy, but you've also gotten criticized, blamed or fired for the same reason...

- Your colleagues either don't understand you, feel jealous of you, or actually follow YOUR lead more than your boss's, which ruffles some feathers...

- You start off super STRONG in a job, but then get bored quickly, or burn out when they expect you to keep the same pace that you began a new project with...

- Your manager was (ugh) instantly repelled by you, & doesn't like that you ask so many questions and point out what isn't working...

- You're sick of outperforming everyone and getting more work & responsibility piled onto your desk without proper credit or remuneration...

If you want to have better experiences at work, but you're not sure if it's possible with your energy....I've absolutely been in your shoes. Not every Manifestor is in a position to, (or even wants to!) run their own business...but that doesn't mean that you're doomed to suffer in the workplace.  


Let’s hang out for 90 minutes so I can show how to:

  • Initiate in the workplace without making others fearful
  • Manage your Manifestor aura so people don't make assumptions about you
  • Inform, so you can get the freedom & autonomy you want
  • Overcome the 3 Biggest Issues Manifestors face in the workplace
  • Understand how past wounds & workplace trauma are playing a role
  • Create a work dynamic that works FOR YOU and your energy, instead of against you
Where: Online Pre-Recorded
Price: $18AUD (Inc. tax)

The truth is, your Manifestor energy can be SO VALUABLE to a workplace or a business.


Let me show you how to value yourself & communicate in such a way that you are respected, compensated & given the freedom and autonomy to do your best work, while having good relationships with your boss & colleagues. 

You CAN learn the techniques to feel like an empowered initiator in your workplace.


You CAN grow in your ability to inform powerfully in your team and see how it lightens everyone’s experience of your energy.

You CAN find the balance of not playing by the rules that are expected of you, and still contributing meaningfully and authentically in your work.

 You CAN begin to heal your past experiences of being fired and rejected in workplaces.

And you CAN come out the other side feeling happier, healthier and like the powerful Manifestor you truly are, in the workplace and beyond.


I've put together this masterclass so you can finally overcome the very real challenges that face Manifestors in the workplace. Join me for 90 minutes while I teach you everything you need to know about skillfully Navigating Workplaces as a Manifestor.

You deserve to have this information. You deserve to have work and working relationships that feed you and help you become who you really are.

Get the Navigating Workplaces Masterclass before it gets archived on October 1st!

Plus….our Facebook Group Bonus!

Purchasing the Navigating Workplaces Masterclass also gets you an exclusive invitation to The Manifestor Network Facebook group.
This group is unlike any other Facebook group you have ever been in. It’s a supportive, genuine, teaching Facebook group just for Manifestors who want real community because Manifestors don’t need another spammy group!  



"I love the way Holly teaches us Manifestors about ourselves, from a deep and personal understanding. With every piece of the Mani puzzle I receive from Holly's teachings, I create a clearer picture and a stronger connection to who I am."

"I’m constantly blown away by Holly's knowledge on all things spiritual. She has given me so many tools and practices to use, all of which are PRICELESS! I truly can’t say enough wonderful things about Holly. I’m forever grateful for her, and the ways she is changing my life!!"

"Thank you Holly & team, I TRULY feel so much more EQUIPPED to take on the world and sell my business to the perfect clients now!!... On my own TIME, with my own RULES, the MANIFESTOR way lol :)))"


PRICE: $18AUD (inc tax)


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