Rachael Ami

Human Design & Alignment Coach


Offers: A live 1:1 Video Call Reading

Specialties: Emotional authority, Relationships, Manifestors

Contact: [email protected] 

Instagram: @rachaelami

Language: English

Price: £199 GBP



Learn More about Rachael

Rachael is a Human Design expert & alignment coach from the UK. She uses a combination of Human Design & practical integration strategies to bring you back into your body, trust in your purpose and boldly express who you already know yourself to be. Rachael is passionate about empowering women to decondition from deep societal pressures in order to step into a life of joy and ease, created as uniquely as you are.


"I deeply appreciate the wonderful reading you gave me. I’ve re-listened to the recording and you provided me with so much beautiful advice and support regarding being a manifestor and my unique design. I finally understand how to use my authority and I’ve been conducting experiments with it. I think the most useful and impactful part you provided about my authority is the idea that it’s not always on. My heart needs to rest and I need to trust and wait because the answer will come in the moment. Understanding my open centers (especially the solar plexus) and embodying and owning the fact that I’m truly here to live my experiences and not anyone else's has been so empowering. There was so much more enlightening information! Working with my authority, being true to what I want to commit to, honoring my need for rest, and giving in to “micro aggressions” is my starting place." Gillian A.

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