Tasha Robitaille

Entrepreneur & Healing Systems Teacher

She/Her - Indigenous Woman

Offers: A Two-Part Recorded Reading + Bonus PDF Transcript 

Specialties: In Part 1, Tasha delivers a recorded teaching covering an Introduction to Human Design for Manifestors. In Part 2, Tasha plays the detective and will deliver a recorded audio accompanied by a PDF transcript with actionable steps. Her goal is to help you find clarity within your chart so that you can make effective decisions related to life, business, parenting, and relationships.

Contact: [email protected] 

Instagram: @thesystemgirl

Language: English

Price: $327 (USD)



Learn More about Tasha

Tasha is a 5/1 Splenic Manifestor and currently works as the Systems and Customer Support Guru for The Manifestor Community with Holly Maree and spends the majority of her time helping people find freedom in the forest on her 40 acre retreat in Canada. She has vast experience as a socio-economic and environmental consultant, productivity and business coach and maternal support practitioner/doula. She has taken everything she's learnt over the past 10 years to help others apply healing systems (i.e. things that saves you stress, time, energy and money) to live a life that they love. She recently completed the 3 levels of The Manifestor Mastery Certification and is looking forward to helping others heal using Human Design.


"Tasha! I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your reading. Your advice changed how I look at things in business, self, friends/family. During a time where I felt so overwhelmed with so much going on with my doula biz, social media, business and working with my partner on our business and being a mom, your advice game me the permission to refocus my priorities. I was able to narrow down my goals and focus on what I really wanted. I was able to turn down a business offer that would have stretched me way further than I wanted and I'm so glad I did. Saying no to that business has allowed me to feel confident in saying no to other parts of my life that were overwhelming. People who I felt obligated to see became people I was able to say no to without guilt. You have no idea how much that helped me find focus again on my priorities. I cannot thank you enough!" - Tania 

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