Taye Dee

Business Energetics Coach, Certified Human Design Reader & Gene Keys Expert

Mixed - Portuguese & English

Offers: A Recorded Video Reading

Specialties: Business, Manifestation, Life Purpose

Contact: [email protected] 

Instagram: @courageous_career_women

Facebook: Courageous Career Women

Language: English

Price: £222 GBP



Learn More about Taye

Hi there - I'm Taye Dee! A powerful 5/1 Manifestor here to ignite your spark. I specialise in Human Design & Gene Keys readings specifically for business, manifestation & discovering your life purpose. I LOVE working with the "woo woo" side of entrepreneurship but in a completely practical & down to earth way. Pop along to my website for all my latest available readings. The only thing stopping you from reaching your full potential is your own mindset so let's deep dive into what your soul was put here on Earth to do. I can't wait to help you discover your purpose & unlock your own potent Manifestor gifts.

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