Taylor V

Catalyst & Consultant


Offers: Audio Recording & PDF

Specialties: Exploring & honoring the manifestor experience in life, business, and faith.

Contact: [email protected]

Instagram: @hellotaylorv

Language: English

Price: $324 (USD)



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I am a 1/3 Emotional manifestor, mother to 3 littles (reflector, mg, and projector). I am loving my interracial marriage to an emotional Manifestor man. I run my own coaching and consulting practice with my MG business partner. I love nothing more than deep talks woven with the language of Human Design. I use my life as an example to  meet every human at whatever depth they are willing to explore.


"Thank you so much, this was such an awesome reading! You articulate these concepts in HD and in my chart so well. It was like listening to a college lecture about my energy design, which is amazing. Will definitely be listening to this regularly!” -Kiara

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