The Manifestor District - Space to be YOU, unobstructed.


Community. Opportunity. Awareness.

Do you need a place to connect with fellow Manifestors as you live out your Human Design experiment?

Are you craving connection with like-minded people that can provoke, inspire & bring your awareness to new heights? (People that perhaps even become sounding boards, referral sources, mastermind partners or friends?)

Are you beyond just taking in HD content from social media and want to more deeply understand transits and the nuances of creating in alignment with your unique design?

Then you’re invited to….


A come & go as you please membership that connects you with Manifestors from across the globe and takes your experiment to a whole new level of insight, expression & awareness.

It’s a noisy world. The Manifestor District offers space to be seen, heard, recognized and supported for who you truly are -  without the din of sacral buzz getting in the way. Not that we don’t love our Generators…we do! But Manifestors need SPACE. We NEED a place where we don’t have to explain ourselves to anyone, and can just be. A place to rise above & get perspective on it all.

You’re invited to…

A membership with no commitment (come in and out as you please! Manifestor-style.) 

Featuring live Manifestor Incubator Sessions on Zoom (with plenty of timezone coverage!)

An Exclusive Community Hub - 'The Manifestor District Classroom'

Monthly Exclusive Bonus Teachings hosting right in your District portal. These include audios, videos, pdfs and prompts to help you more deeply understand and integrate the daily experience of being a Manifestor

10% on The Manifestor Community Product Suite (excluding the certification and events), a Guide to Transits & More!

All of this is waiting for you inside!

 A subscription of $39 AUD per month or $100 AUD for 3 months - Cancel anytime.

(PLEASE NOTE: Payments are automated and will deduct from your account until you cancel. There are no fees or charges for cancelling)

Note from Holly, founder of The Manifestor Community


The way I see it, you aren’t really a lone wolf, Manifestor. You just have specific needs when it comes to community. Needs that the majority of people just do not understand! 😂

The Manifestor District lets you protect your precious energy while you grow your connections, heal throat wounds by having the opportunity to speak your truth in a judgment free space, & finally feel recognized as the powerful initiating force you know you are inside.

Trust me, a community of Manifestors all on the journey of deconditioning and living out their design with awareness is like having a whole new atmosphere to breathe in.

Get used to being in the energy of Manifestor power & let it embolden you to bring YOUR dream into reality without sacrificing your health, creativity or unique perspective. You have what it takes to live out the mystery of your own magnificent unfolding, and impact so many lives while doing it - whether you realize how impactful you are or not!

I hope you’ll say yes to joining us in The Manifestor District for as long as it feels aligned - and come back in when you’re ready for more. 

Can’t wait to see you in the community and on the Incubator calls!


Holly Maree

General Monthly Call Schedule

You can come to as many calls each month as you like, regardless of your timezone! Calls are not recorded to give the most space for true connection & expressive freedom.

Australian Call: Generally the 2nd Saturday of the month at 10AM AUS (7pm Friday Eastern time) led by Holly 

US Call: Generally the 1st Monday of the month at 9:30AM AEST led by Holly (roughly 6:30pm Eastern on Sunday evening - but shifts a little with time changes throughout the year!)

In May - our first call will be Monday, May 8th 9:30am AEST, Sunday May 7th at 6:30pm

CET call: In May, our first call will be Thursday May 11th at 7:30pm CET (roughly 1:30pm Eastern) and further dates/times will be confirmed


Plus….this epic bonus!

Jumping into The Manifestor Mastermind also gets you an exclusive invitation to The Manifestor Network Facebook group.
This group is unlike any other Facebook group you have ever been in. It’s a supportive, genuine, teaching Facebook group just for Manifestors who want real community because Manifestors don’t need another spammy group! Plus, you’ll get to use the #moneymoguls in so that Holly answer all your questions.

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