How to attract money as a Manifestor in Human Design

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 Manifestors are natural money magnets. We’re here to do big stuff, earn big money, and do it with ease. But because we rarely see Manifestors living in alignment with their design, let alone using their natural energy to make a tonne of money, we get stuck in constantly taking action, working harder, getting tired and needing to quit...then trying to do it all over again.


Traditional Human Design teachings about wealth skip over A LOT of the really important stuff, and this leads us down the rabbit hole of needing to find the right answer, or the right strategy to finally be financially abundant.


Before I go into how to make money as a Manifestor, let's look at the three biggest blocks we experience.



Doubt is the achilles heel of the Manifestor. 


We doubt whether the urge is possible, reasonable or ours to follow. We doubt whether it will actually work, how it will be received, whether people will judge and criticise us. We doubt our ability to do it and we significantly doubt that our initiations have the ability to make us money.


And yet, we must learn to befriend our doubt. For the rest of our lives.


My conscious sun gate is the Gate of Doubt, which means I really am here in this lifetime to navigate through doubt and help others do it too. 


As Manifestors, we are the only energy type that independently initiates from within. And because we are initiating things that haven’t been seen before, we’re essentially walking blind. So even if there are people trying to tell us the right way, they can’t see inside our closed aura. So they have no better idea than we do.


Creative urges in and of themselves are abstract and obscure. They’re like “hey, do this thing” or “go out there and create this, even though it's never been done like this before”. 




It becomes mentally reasonable to talk your way out of this. After all, it goes against all our conditioning and previous experiences of money. 


Because we cannot see how our creative urge will logically bring us money, we doubt them. We do something with more certainty, like get a job so we have a consistent salary. 


Your energy is uniquely designed to initiate, and receive money. Not earn, not generate, but receive


Manifestors don’t experience certainty because we don’t receive the urge to create something that has been done before. We’re not responding to anything except our own inner voice!


Start to look back on your last several years as a Manifestor in work, business, relationships, manifesting and self growth. How did doubt play a role?


Having the role as initiator for the collective is a privilege, and the more we realise that our wildest ideas are the ones the world most needs, the easier it becomes to honour doubt as just part of your journey. 


We cannot fully receive the money we’re meant to as a Manifestor until we follow our initiations blindly and look back and see how well we were supported. 


Trust that the money will come in unusual ways to support your initiations. Jump off that cliff, and trust the universe will catch you.


If we take the analogy of diving off a cliff blindfolded, it's easy to see why fear comes up. It’s riddled with fear.


As human beings, we fear failing. 

We fear repeating past mistakes. Making new ones.

We fear being inadequate, judged, criticised, being taken advantage of or controlled.


We fear going broke, losing our homes, starvation.


All these fears are fair enough, But - are they well-founded? When in the past have these things happened, and you really weren’t ok? 


Fear is an enormous driving factor in Manifestors blocking themselves from receiving money. 


And when we continue to allow this fear to paralyse us, it stops the flow of money. We don’t initiate, or we don’t initiate fully. We initiate safely instead of diving off the cliff and trusting the universe to catch us.


For example, you may know you’re meant to be a globally recognised speaker and teacher. But instead, you’re criticising all the people who already do that and pretending you could do it better than them.


When I first began moving into the online space, I was paralysed with fear. Despite my last business being financially successful, I felt like such a failure because it had burnt me out. And this fear paralysed me so deeply that when I finally  moved back into a business, I hid behind a blog. I didn’t even use my name.


And guess what? The blog was not successful.


Even though it was perfect, and I followed all the strategies, and it made a little bit of money and some people really liked it - it did not take off because it was driven from a place of fear.


When I allowed myself to fully initiate, to fully follow my creative urge to be seen, I stepped into coaching and teaching. I became the public face of my own brand. And the more I stripped back the desire to hide, the more successful my business became.


Whenever I am hiding, or not fully initiating my creative urges, the flow of money stops. All of a sudden the sales stop coming, or I have more expenses that wipe out my bank account.


You cannot let fear dictate things for you, Manifestor. You are here as an energetic body to experience fear and develop wisdom around fear. Running away from fear does you no good, it does no one else no good AND it does not bring you more money.



We experience ALL different kinds of conditioning as Manifestors living in a sacral world. You can experience conditioning in your open and undefined centres, shadows in defined centres and in your gates and channels.

Any experience we have as a human being creates neural pathways that contribute to a picture of what we believe to be safe and what is not safe. This is what our subconscious thrives on.


The deconditioning process is about interrogating those narratives for their truth, and creating a new truth, one which aligns better with who we are and our goals.

Manifestors particularly experience a lot of conditioning around money through our undefined or open sacral.


What we see most commonly is sacral beings ( beautiful generators and manifesting generators) receiving money by DOING. They respond and complete things and feel satisfied.


And immediately we start to think 

“I’m not working hard enough”

“I’m not doing enough things”

“I’m not benign creative consistently enough”


We internalise the story that Hard work = success + money because that's the collective story of money.


But mani, you’re designed to do the opposite. You’re designed to initiate and receive


When we find ourselves stepping into responding or trying to consistently create, that’s when we start finding ourselves HUSTLING to get money. Ironically - the flow of money stops coming to us, and we think it’s because we’re not working hard enough.

We step into the old narrative of working hard.


This is going to show up most predominantly in your rest cycle, because it's where all this conditioning gets triggered. By allowing yourself to fully rest during your rest cycles, you’re creating space for more money to flow in (click here to learn more about the importance of rest and your energy cycles)


The narrative might seem like you need to work harder. Other people may criticise you for being “lazy” but the truth is If you are trying to work through your rest cycle, you are blocking money.


In general, the key to increasing your actual wealth as a Manifestor is simple: follow your creative urges. 


There are many details of your chart that speak into your relationship with money which requires a deeper level of inquiry. Start by looking at your energy centres, the astrology of your gates and gene keys, as this is where you will find the nuance and intel into your specific relationship with money and how you may be blocking yourself.


If you’re ready to start shifting the blocks you have to money, grab my free Manifestor Guide to Money. You’ll discover:

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  • How resting helps you to receive more money
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  • How to work with your closed aura to bring in more money


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