How to Sell in your business as a Manifestor

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 As a Manifestor who has been in business for over 13 years, with 4 financially successful businesses (among many unsuccessful ones), I’ve made a lot of mistakes when it comes to selling.

I did things the ‘generator way’ (responding) for long enough to know that just because it works for 70% of the population, does not mean it's going to work for me.

I find things like pricing and selling in business to be fascinating to look at through the lens of being a Manifestor, so this is what this article is about.

There are a lot of old business structures that say pricing should be based on industry average, but this really mostly applies to brick-and-mortar business. 

The online entrepreneurial space is a whole new ball-game, which is why for this article I’m focussing on two things:

  • Pricing as a Manifestor
  • Marketing Strategy and Selling as a Manifestor


There is a lot of information about how to appropriately price things in online business, but what I’ve personally found is that pricing, particularly in the online space, is a fusion of many things. 

In this article I’ll go through common errors we make when we first start pricing in our business, and then I’ll share how to use your human design to price your products effectively.


Why the Industry Average doesn’t work

In the online space, the industry “average” is often quoted as a good place to start. 

We’re told to “look at what other people are charging, and find a price that feels good for you”. 

The thing is, using the industry average is hard to judge because there are so many factors that contribute to this.

On the one hand, people who value themselves more or have a larger following will put a higher price ticket on their products and services, whereas those new to the game may feel they have to go lower at the beginning while they are building their business.

In addition, people who haven’t discovered how to communicate with their audience will often have a lower price ticket, not because they aren’t competent or good at what they do, but because their value doesn’t get communicated.

I believe pricing based on a sliding scale or industry average is not effective and not helpful for a Manifestor. Why?

Because Manifestors are not here to respond to the desires of others, but to simply initiate from our creative urges. 

This is the most aligned way we do business, which means we are always pricing things that have never been seen before. 

By comparing our prices to other people’s, we will often trigger that not self theme of anger because 1) we don’t like being told what to do, and 2) what we’re initiating isn’t like what anyone is doing. 


Not charging enough and setting the price too low

Whether it is a service, teaching, digital course, program, certification or physical product, when we put a price on it we are placing a value not just on our creations but who we are too - our skills, energy and time - which is going to add to the already vulnerable and exposing process of initiating. 

Most often, we end up putting a lower price tag on what we create to make us feel better about how vulnerable we feel.

Plus, because Manifestors are initiating blindly nearly all of the time, we don’t get the full details of our creations before it's out in the world. When we are pricing our products or services, we don’t yet know how much skill and energy will be required, or the impact it will make. 

It's only through reflection we can see the impact it made, and how much we should have charged. 

What many Manifestors struggle with is realising we could have charged more for it, because it took more work than you originally thought.

However, consumer psychology has proven time and time again that when something is priced higher, people assume it's of higher value. 

This will always be part of your journey as a Manifestor. You will under-price the first couple of times, because much of what you’re creating is unknown. The benefit comes when you create things you are happy to repeat and adjusting the price up for the second time around

A great way to do this is to create something that can be passive later, and then charge the appropriate price for it. 


How to price your products and services as a Manifestor

For me, pricing in business has never been about a formula or specific “way” of getting the price because whatever you initiate creates a mini-niche.

This means that while you’ll never find the perfect price for everyone, you can find the perfect price for the product you're creating and the money you want to make. 

We can get a lot of insight about pricing through Human Design by understanding 

  1. How to utilise your defined energy when you price, and 
  2. How your conditioning is impacting your pricing

There are many places to look in your chart, but here’s where I would recommend starting:


Your Authority

When you first look into pricing, start with your inner authority. 

For emotional beings, ride that wave and don’t make a decision on pricing until you feel neutral about it.

Splenic Manifestors, get quiet and listen for that intuitive voice. Trust the first impulse and go with it.

Ego Manifestors, find a sounding board and talk it out. You’ll know when you’ve come to the right price when it feels neutral and you no longer need to speak about it!


Defined Energy Centres

Your defined energy centres is where you get energy. Pricing from these centres will feel easeful and natural to you. 

Undefined Energy Centres

If you are experiencing a lot of resistance around pricing, look at the low and high expressions of each of your undefined energy centres. This is where you will be holding conditioning, beliefs and thoughts about “the right way” to price. 

Look especially at the splenic fears coming through (if your spleen is undefined) and your head and ajna centres.

Tell me - what do you find works well when it comes to pricing? I’d love to know xx


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