Loving Your Closed Aura as a Manifestor

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One of the first things you likely learned about being a Manifestor is that you have a “closed, repelling aura.” Hearing this can feel harsh and even break your heart! I mean, you’re still human right? Of course you want to be liked and accepted and understood by others! Not feeling understood can be one of our greatest wounds as Manifestors, and yet, paradoxically, understanding this about your aura can make you feel deeply understood, because it explains the separation from others you’ve likely felt all your life.

If you want to understand more deeply how your closed Manifestor aura works and how you can learn to love it and live your purpose in this lifetime, this is the blog post for you!


In Human Design, there are four different aura types.

Manifestors have a closed, repelling aura.
Generators and Manifesting Generators have an open and enveloping aura. Projectors have a focused and absorbing aura.
Reflectors have a sampling aura.

For the sake of this article, we’re going to focus on the Manifestor aura, but before we get into those details, you should know what I mean by “aura”. An aura is a field of energy that extends from the human body. A good rule of thumb is that the aura extends two arm lengths away from your center, though different spiritual traditions have their own ways of looking at the aura.

“Auras are the way we connect to and are experienced by the other.”

– Ra Uru Hu

The closed aura of the Manifestor gets created whenever there is a motor connected to the throat (the solar plexus, root or will center) plus an undefined sacral center. Energetically, this configuration creates an auric field of energy that pushes back against anyone that comes into contact with it. Though this is happening at a subtle level and is likely not consciously realized by the people that come into contact with your aura, it absolutely influences how they react to you.

With only 8-9% of the population having a closed Manifestor aura that pushes back against their own, it can create a subconscious feeling of uneasiness in the people you meet. They feel like they can’t quite figure you out or like they need to be extra alert to suss out what’s happening with you and what you’re going to do next. In an energetic sense, they can’t see you the way that they can see everyone else and that can make them uncomfortable. It can also make you feel more alone as your aura isn’t letting you get as energetically close to others as you may like. Don’t despair though! Your closed and repelling aura is central to your purpose and you can learn to love the way it’s actually helping you behind the scenes!


How do you successfully work with your closed aura? By informing, of course! The Manifestor strategy of informing exists entirely because of your closed aura. As a reminder, informing simply means taking a moment to consider who in your world will be affected by the moves or decisions you make and letting them know before you take action. This goes for big things, like starting a business, but also small things, like “I’m just going to go grab something from the other room!”

While informing this consistently often feels like overcommunication to a Manifestor, it’s important because your closed aura makes others uneasy on an energetic level. If you let them know ahead of time what you are planning to do, they feel less surprised when it happens. This leads to less resistance and fewer questions from them which allows you to experience more of your Manifestor signature theme, peace. The more you can get comfortable with informing the people around you, the less friction you’ll feel in your relationships because of your closed aura.


Your closed aura isn’t just something you have to live with, it’s something that is deeply beneficial to you! Let me share with you three reasons why. 

  1. It’s Actually Magnetic:
    Think about the word, “repelling” – it’s a word we use when we describe how magnets work. One side of the magnet repels and the other attracts. It’s true that some people are going to be repelled by you. You’ll make them uncomfortable and no amount of informing is going to change that, or you just simply aren’t going in a direction they want to go. And that’s completely fine. Why? Because other people are going to be magnetized to you. Your words, actions, or way of being will literally be the medicine they need and they will quickly become loyal super fans of you and your work. Reinforce the magnetic side of your aura by putting more focus on that than you do on the repelling aspect. You are plenty magnetic to the right people and you don’t need to worry about the people that aren’t right for you.

  2. It Protects You (& Others!):
    As a Manifestor, you are bringing your creative urges into the world, which is simultaneously life-changing and tender. Life-changing because you are translating inspired energy from Source into manifestations that impact others deeply. Tender because you are the one that has to go first and do things that might not have ever been done before. Your closed aura helps you repel the people that won’t be supportive or ready for the initiations you are bringing into the world. This helps protect you from people who would criticize you or aren’t ready for you. It also protects other people from engaging with your work when they just aren’t ready or aligned with it!

  3. It’s a Safe Bubble For Resting & Creating:
    Your big aura is like a gatekeeper for your safety. It keeps things away from 
    you so you have space as you rest and space as you create. Though it can seem hard sometimes, “Why does everyone else get opportunities and invitations when I don’t?!” your aura is actually working to keep the things away from you that aren’t right for you so that you can live your purpose and bring your unique initiations through. This is your ultimate purpose and your aura creates a safety bubble for you to be able to fulfill that purpose.

If you’re still getting used to the idea of loving your closed and repelling aura, no worries! Read this article again and reinforce the positive aspects of your aura while practicing informing the people around you. Pretty soon, you’ll start appreciating the gifts of your aura and all that it is doing for you without you even having to think about it!

To go deeper into mastering your Manifestor energy and aura, check out my Manifestor Masterclass Bundle which teaches you how to work with your unique energy to rest and manifest, make correct decisions for your life and bring your creative urges to fruition.


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