My Top 10 Don’ts for Manifestors

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Whether it’s us doing it to ourselves, or the people around us, in this article I’ve compiled my top 10 don’ts for Manifestors.

And just so we’re clear, I am in no way telling you what to do (or not do). These are just the things that I’ve noticed that put me out of alignment as a Manifestor.


 1.  Don’t let other people tell you what to do

I know we tend to joke about this part of the Manifestor experience, but the reason why we don’t like being told what to do is because it goes against our true nature.

As Manifestors, we are designed to be energetically separate. We live behind our closed aura so we can initiate things without the noise of other people’s thoughts and opinions getting in the way.

And to do this, we have to only be listening to that deep inner wisdom voice that comes through when we’re tapped into divine energy. 

We are designed to go first, which means much of what we do won’t make sense to the people around us. And if we allow ourselves to be told what to do by others, it goes haywire.

We feel like we’re being controlled, we get exhausted because we’re using all our initiating energy for other people, and we feel this continuing pressure to be submissive which will put you into your not-self theme of anger.


2. Don’t use your ability to initiate for other people’s goals

When Generators are in alignment, they are literal SUNSHINE, plodding along consistently creating joy through the work they are doing.

But when Generators are out of alignment, they’re really good at trying to force other people to do things for them, in their way.

As a Manifestor, it’s so common to experience Generators or Manifesting Generators who see our power and become really magnetized to us because of it.

They have identified that we’re able to initiate stuff and make things happen quickly, and they want to use this untapped, unhindered power for their own goals.

But our energy is NOT designed to be used for other people's initiations, goals, achievements or agendas. It is designed to be used for the betterment of the collective.

Everything you desire to initiate comes from the unconscious tether to the needs of the collective.

So when we place ourselves in situations where our energy is on demand for other people to use and initiate their goals and successes, it's incredibly out of alignment. We feel angry, physically exhausted, resentful and critical and doubtful. 

When I began to understand this as a Manifestor, I got to look back and see 15 years of my work life where I was playing out this pattern.

I was frequently poached by businesses and employers because I was so capable, but the initial shine would always dry up because whether they were conscious of it or not, they wanted to use this powerful energy for their own benefit. 

Manifestor - do not use your ability to initiate for other people’s goals and successes because it is not right for you. It will make you angry, resentful and exhausted. Rest, and save it up for when you need it to initiate from your creative urges.


3. Don’t silence your voice  

When Manifestors speak, it literally pushes energy out into the universe and has a ripple effect. 

People need to hear what you have to say, Mani. You’ve got a defined, motorised throat for a reason and it's designed to be used because it is powerful. 

You might think it’s all been said before, but know this: it hasn’t been said by YOU.

Don’t tone down your voice because you think it’s too much. We’ve all had experiences when we have been told we’re too much, too loud, too chatty but when we silence our voice, we are suppressing the greatest source of our power. 

Our ability to manifest comes from our throat, and our voice needs to be expressed verbally in order to create those ripples outward that initiate and impact people. 


4. Don’t ignore your rest cycle

Mani, you are designed to rest 80% of the time. Which means:

  •     Not working
  •     Not engaging
  •     Not creating and;
  •     Not connecting.


You have to allow that depth of rest to occur in order to be able to initiate your creative urges.

You are here to flash quickly, to burn brightly and be that firework in the sky and then come back into rest and solitude. This is how you prepare for the next bright shiny thing you want to do.


5. Don’t doubt your creative urge

I have had countless conversations with Manifestors who come to me with this specific question about creative urges and doubt. 

Is this the right thing for me?

Is this just a crazy idea?

Please know that the crazier the idea, the more likely it’s a creative urge. 

I’ve previously written on this topic and how to tell the difference between a creative urge and an idea.

Click here to read the full article 

The more you doubt it, and the more you try to make logical sense out of it, the more you will slow yourself down. 

You are not designed to make sense of your creative urges. You are designed to act on them, and allow the magic to unfold.

If you feel this internal push to do something completely illogical, then it’s probably a creative urge. Trust it and take action! 


6. Don’t dim your power to fit in

I know this is hard for us.

I know we’ve all had this feeling of “I’m weird and people don’t get me” and “why don’t they like me?”

By our very nature, Manifestors repel people. 91% of people are not like us, which means we're not designed to be like everyone else. 

In fact, we’re designed to stand out and be unique which depending on our conditioning, can feel very uncomfortable.

Here is our choice: we can use all our amazing powerful energy to make ourselves like everyone else so we don’t have to face our fear of being rejected. 

OR we can channel that energy into creations for the good of the collective.


7. Don’t try to be a Generator

When we stop wasting our time being jealous of the sacral energy of Generators, and feeling like they have more energy than us, we can start focusing on our unique gifts and abilities and what we are here to do and be.

Trying to be like a Generator looks like forcing ourselves to be 

  •     Consistent
  •     Always creative
  •     Always working
  •     Completing things
  •     Keeping up with everyone else

When we do this, we debilitate our bodies and undermine our powerful ability to initiate things.


8. Don’t let life get too noisy

I know this is a tricky one (especially for Manifestor parents) but the real downside to creating too much noise is that there’s no space for those creative urges to be seen, felt and heard.

When I speak about noise, I don’t just mean auditory noise but the perpetual busy-ness that can make life overwhelming for a Manifestor.

When life is too noisy, it takes us away from our inner voice. If we’re not creating pockets of stillness, then we’re not hearing the most important messages that we need in order to align our lives to our energy.

Every answer we need is inside of us; we just need to get quiet enough to hear it.


9. Don’t forget to inform

I know you’re probably rolling your eyes at this one because I constantly speak about it, but I couldn’t write a list of don’ts for Manifestors without mentioning our most important technique - INFORMING.

Most Manifestors struggle with this, because it does not come easily to us. Our strategy is to INITIATE and informing makes this easier. 


When we forget to inform, we create obstacles and roadblocks in the form of people trying to control us, understand us, and generally get in between us and our creative urges.

Let people in behind the closed aura by speaking out loud to the universe and the people in your life and watch how much more peace starts to flood your life.


10. Don’t overlook why you came here 

 Manifestor: You came here for a purpose. You came here for a reason.

The Manifestor energy that you have, as well as the gates, channels, defined and undefined centres are all tools you gave yourself to actualise this purpose. 

Once you understand why you came here, all the puzzle pieces start to come together.

I’m not saying that you’ll never have doubts or questions or conditioning again once you realise this, but your life will begin to make sense and things will naturally start to fall into alignment. 

You came here for something magnificent, Manifestor. And it’s time to start playing that game. 


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