Understanding Creative Urges as a Manifestor

Let’s go back to basics today and talk about Creative Urges. When you’re a Manifestor that wants to live in alignment, Creative Urges are your best friend. They light up your defined centers, give you the energy to initiate something new into the world, help you impact the people that are ready for your medicine and allow you to express your unique magic and contribution. They also help you make money! So let’s dive into this incredible force of energy called “The Creative Urge.”


It’s hard to talk about Creative Urges, without first talking about the role of Manifestors in the collective. We are here to birth 5D ideas into 3D reality. In other words, you’re taking something that doesn’t exist – a vision, an idea, a concept, a feeling – and being the vessel that gives it life. This may seem “normal” to you as a Manifestor, but I assure you it’s not! Only 9% of the population can truly do this. When other types are bringing something new into the world, it is either a response to what is already there, a refinement of what’s already there, or a reflection of what is healthiest based on what already exists.

Manifestors bring through things that come straight from source and don’t have a 3D component yet. We are here to impact people through our Creative Urges, shifting consciousness, and initiating solutions, feelings and experiences that have a huge ripple effect across the planet. When you work with your Creative Urges to do this, you are absolutely up to the task!


As you may know, Generators and Manifesting Generators have a defined sacral. Their sacral center responds to life, showing them what they have energy to create or be a part of. Their defined sacral allows them to show up consistently over time energetically. Manifestors, however, don’t have a defined sacral, which means we don’t have consistent access to life force energy. Unlike projectors and reflectors, who also have undefined sacral centers, our energy works in bursts of creation and rest. Our mechanics are built to be able to sustain initiation during a creative urge period. All Manifestors have at least one motor connected to the throat that turns on when a creative urge comes through (or sometimes before it comes through!) and allows us to have the energy we need to bring something entirely new into the world.


Creative Urges often come through as personal desires. They can feel like crazy ideas, sudden passion and drive, deep interest or a sense of inner direction.

Creative Urges can be big or small, but they feel personal to you. The distinction between an urge and an idea is that an urge has a physical pull to it, felt like a strong body connection. It is an impulse that comes without logic, a plan or the certainty of laid out steps. An idea will feel more logical, common sense, strategic and it will fleet through your mind, often disappearing within hours or days. An urge will not leave you alone. A lot of Manifestors discount their creative urges because they can’t see how it serves others, but you don’t have to see that yet! You are energetically tethered to the needs of the collective. By following urges that feel very personal, you will be of service.

When working with your Creative Urges, it’s important to use your authority to make a decision. Many of us have open head centers they fill up with inspiration, or the gate of ideas, which gives us a seemingly endless stream of possibilities. Only by taking the urge through your authority will you know if it’s the right one for you.


Once your authority makes a decision about a creative urge, the energy to fulfill that urge shows up, lighting up your defined centers and making them extra powerful for a period of time. Occasionally, it will happen the other way around. You’ll emerge from a rest cycle with energy in your defined centers, but no urge. In that case, I recommend being patient, taking walks, meditating, writing down ideas and letting the urge come to you. The energy you have is a 

signal that it’s coming. More often, however, the urge and the energy show up at the same time. This is where self-trust comes in.

Learn more about your rest cycle here!

Many Manifestors fear that they will run out of energy to complete their initiation, but you are designed for it. Just remember that 80% of the time you are in a rest cycle and 20% of the time you are in a creative cycle. This is what brings an urge to fruition. Your times of creativity may seem shorter than other people, which is true! This is because the potency that you can bring to a Creative Urge in the short term is massive. An urge might last from a few hours, to a few days, week or even months. It’s important to build in time to really rest and recover after a Creative Urge. That will serve not only your health but having the energy for your future Creative Urges as well.


The truth is, this will look different for different Manifestors based on your energy centers, your unique skills and passions. One misconception I hear from Manifestors, when they hear that they are meant to be Initiating Creative Urges, is thinking that they really only have to do the very first step in a process, like tell someone their idea, or write about it. This is not the way it goes. I absolutely recommend getting help from the energy of others to bring through an Initiation, (like hiring a team). Just remember, the Initiation is yours and you will have to 

see it through, at least to a place where it is fully formed. How many steps are involved in that depends on how big the Creative Urge is and what you are creating. While you aren’t meant to sustain your creations in the world forever, you are the initial vessel through which they move into the 3D. Allow yourself to get fully immersed in the process!

Here is a good rule of thumb:
A Creative Urge is fulfilled when it is working in the world.

This can look like:

  • a course that can generate money for you
  • an album of music that is reaching people emotionally
  • a video or post that is being sent around your audience and helping others.

Ultimately, you want to be able to see the impact that your creations are having in the world.


Learning about your Urges is a great first step to bringing them to life. Whether you feel like this is new for you, or you can recognize times in your past that you’ve successfully brought your Creative Urges to life, I hope that you will keep leaning into this special Manifestor ability! You may not know how, but your Creative Urges are in deep need in the world and I know your people are just waiting to experience them.


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